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In fairness, staying up for a whole 24 hour period was just part of my plan to get a good nights sleep tonight for my first day of work tomorrow.

Sexual violence/CSA/Trauma 

This is of course a doublebind for folx at the intersection of various social classes (be it race, ability, trans, etc)

Like. I'm tired of feeling like the "only good thing" that came out of my abuse is the perspective it gives me as an activist. Society clearly needed to be different BEFORE my personal trauma history happened, because logically, it would have at least been more rare and better addressed if so.

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Sexual violence/CSA/Trauma 

I have a theory about how trauma survivors, especially survivors of SA and CSA, are essentially expected to re-enter and assimilate back into societies that provided the material conditions leading to their trauma, often including just upholding whole systems that retraumatize and perpetuate abuse, and our assimilation back into society is seen as more important than rehabilitation of abusers and overall prevention.

Two anime series that are inexplicably about being trans (masc).
1) Dorohedoro (season 1)
2) Ergo Proxy

don't @ me

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Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

Valid chupacabra.

My mom pre-paid a haircut for me and it's kinda hilarious cause I have been cutting my own hair for 2+ years.

So it might be like, a stereotype? of Millennials and not being able to sustain communication w/people. (think about memes about depression and mental illness generally) But it is a huge problem with me to the point of risking losing contact with people I care about.

It feels nearly impossible to be emotionally close to people without feeling like a burden.

Left machismo is a big problem.

So too is liberals positing that pacifism is the "most effective strategy" in dealing with white supremacy and other fascistic ideologies.

The solution? I don't got one. But don't call yourself a pacifist unless you are willing to be on the front lines.

My relationship to anime is basically "can I get high and watch it without being bored?" and I hate to admit it but most IPs don't pass that test.

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There's no fixing "America." There is the possibility of overthrowing said government and starting anew--but "America" as a concept has always been a union bonded, both in the North and South, by white supremacy

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⚠️ urgent medical begpost ⚠️ 

On Friday, I need to have this temporary crown (which fell off and won't adhere back on) replaced with a permanent crown. It's going to be $300 (final payment is due). Basically: urgent immediate dental work is needed.

It's a front tooth, so it basically has to get fixed.

I put $600 into it so far, but I need the last $300 to get it fixed permanently. This is the final visit.

I don't know how we will pay for this and our other expenses right now (a partner is visiting for a week, and this emergency happened whilst she was here).

I'm disabled due to long COVID and mental health problems, and can't work right now (it's my goal to get back in the workforce eventually). My partner Alex just got promoted but hasn't been paid for that yet (and won't be until the Friday after this one), and my other partner Violet is on her final interview for a job.

Please help us?

Preferred methods:
PayPal: paypal.me/Elizafox
CashApp: $plausocks

Other methods available on request.

Thank y'all for your help so far, couldn't have had this emergency dental work without you. 🙏

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Trans people seem to be so damn smart that if someone said to me that everyone who ever would have learned to time travel had been mind controlled by the government to trans their gender so younger them didn't recognise themself, I would probably believe them.

Deprogramming white supremacists/fascists (as arduous and time consuming it is) is easier than radicalizing and educating libs.

Thats why the shouty leftbros focus on the easy thing. It's a clear goal, and they can feel like a hero.

Dealing with libs is the equivalent of doing the dishes. You will always have to do it, it will always be thankless, and for sexist and misogynist reasons, it is a task disproportionally put on femmes.

Looks like it's pot pies and cheap wine today.

My therapist did not appreciate being sent this image at three in the morning.

Straight friends are so weird to me. What's a friendship if you haven't bricked a predatory business together, ran from the cops, had sex you kinda regret (but was great at the time) and are comfortably in love with but also know that like, it's deeper and more meaningful than the standard boyfriend/girlfriend/partner dynamic?

Yes I'm a sagittarius, and no I won't apologize.

want nothing more than to see my best friend today and chill

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🎶 no one's illegal but white people! 🎶
🎶 no one's illegal but white people! 🎶
🎶 no one's illegal but white people! 🎶
🎶 no one's illegal but whitey whitey whitey! 🎶


If you are nonbinary and feel your gender as a "mix" of "both genders"

If you are nonbinary and feel like you have no gender

If you are nonbinary and feel like your gender is really feminine

If you are nonbinary and feel like your gender is really masculine

If you are nonbinary and feel like you gender cannot be described whatsoever in the pink/blue binary

If you are nonbinary and feel like your gender is non-static, changing, dynamic

....I think you are real swell. 💜 🖤💚

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