I started Gallant by V.E. Schwab in audiobook today. I got organizing/cleaning done in TWO separate rooms. I took a nap.

This cat is marked as NFTs for No F***ing Thoughts. Same, Creeper. Same.

I don't have three today, fam. I would have tried. My stomach committed offenses against humanity last night (yah chronic illness team) and I'm not up for trying. I'm going to try again another day, hopefully soon.

asking trans people "if gender isn't real, why do you want to be the other gender so bad" is like asking people "if rent shouldn't exist, why do you want rent control so badly": because we live in a society that violently enforces gender, and that makes it real. asking trans people, and only them, to pretend like gender doesn't matter, while everyone around us keeps hurting us for it, isn't fair. it's like asking tenants to not give a shit about rent while their landlord is trying to evict them.

Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

I'm a few days behind buuuut...
I finished by and it was incredible! I'm onto and I love so much (it's number 6 in the series so I hope so). Since that's visual reading, and The Bone Orchard was audiobook, I'm finally starting by and REALLY looking forward to it!
There's more. Work is going great today, the pool is open, I am writing more days than not. But I'm happy to be getting inspired.

Pandemic mention 

My rapid from this morning was negative. I'll retest in 2-3 days. Bummed that my plans are changing and I'm still quarantined because I'm in constant exposure since I can't exactly avoid my roommate but... I'm obviously a responsible adult, with immunocompromised friends and loved ones. Hydrating, I work from home anyway so NBD there. Went to bed at a reasonable hour last night. Just sad.

Do you ever get the feeling your work supervisors aren't doing anything 🧐

[Image description: a chonky spoiled adorable black and white cat and a chonky diva mixed tan adorable striped cat lay butt-to-butt on a blue blanket on a bed.]

Pandemic mention 

My roommate recently traveled for work. She tested positive for COVID-19 today. It was a rapid so she has to test again tomorrow. So despite it being a good day for me, I know now we have to take a lot of steps to quarantine, to be safe. I tend to be very empathetic so I'm likely to feel yucky even if I don't become infected, as a result of sympathy pain for her. I wish people took this seriously. I know only my friends in the disability community do.

We got the cover off the pool. I got a bunch of writing done today! And I didn't have to work. So it was a great day today!

... Wish I was better with tech. Need to block a Fedi and I don't know how yet. I will figure this out, darn it.

IT'S GAME NIGHT! I'm done with work! And I spent a lot of my work day enjoying music and singing along.

... But mostly I am just excited for 7th Sea! Who else loves original with me?! Rollin' them d10s forever and ever!!!!

Getting some CEU hours done, getting some audiobook reading in (#5 of Lunar Chronicles is much longer than the first four), AND getting some writing in. Hoping to get in some exercise and maybe even some cleaning if I get motivated and wild.

... This mental exercise makes me sound downright saintly. I am not. I am fuming over what happened at the Nebula Conference and self-soothing.

I ran D&D today. I got in some writing today. I ate a delicious burger, AND had one of the really good chicken wings; and I get more of everything (except the D&D) tomorrow, if I play my cards right.

It's also the first time a friend was able to drive themselves here for game after a medical setback, after a months-long wait. I am exhausted but grateful after running for us today. I don't always feel like the best or most experienced DM but if we all had fun, that's what matters!

I'm late today but... I wrote today! I got my new planner today, I love it. I'll try to remember to post a picture when I have a good image description. And I went into the city to see friends at their place tonight. We had sushi take-out for dinner, which was a delicious idea, and even got in a round of Spaceteam.

Round Two for today because why not? Yup, snuck in some writing this morning. Success. I finished cleaning my makeup brushes. More accomplishment. Almost done with work too. 🤞🏻

It's early enough for me to do a little before work- if I play my cards right, maybe even some genius scene cards AND some prose.
Weekend plans that involve being social in safe, manageable degrees. We're seeing our partner today and they're crashing, and then I am going to see my friend tomorrow. Ah, the introverted extrovert life. (Extroverted introvert life?)
I'm ALMOST done cleaning my makeup brushes, and can probably finish during my lunch break.

5 hours into a new (4th in Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series). Have my new 2022-2023 academic year planner ordered, AND it's the pretty, fancy one, pinkies out. Mom's surgery went well today, and she's home safe tonight.
Might as well be for me!
I could go on. I'm in a pretty good mental health place, and am very lucky. I'm cuddling with two cute cats right now. I wish this for all of you.

The new neighbors are really fussy.

Image description: a cardinal nest tucked into a bush. Baby birds (not visible) with the exception of one tiny beak, reaching upward.

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