If I’ve follow-requested you multiple times, it’s because I forgot that I’ve sent you a follow request before. The solution is to send me a DM simply informing me that you rejected my request. Don’t worry - it won’t make be feel bad.

would you like to search for KITTEN.EXE? 

searching… :loading: 🔍

kitten found!
➡️ :netkitty: ⬅️

type of girl who thinks me listing sí/í in my pronouns are neopronouns

About 75% of TERFs weren't particularly concerned with "feminism" until it became a way to shit on transfolk

The other 25% are formerly legit feminists who embraced misogynists so hard they've lost sight of who stoked and grew that tiny seed of fear/resentment, who it enables

selfie boosts ok 

it is too damn hot today and i am not helping

This sort of summarises the idiocy of the Royal Family and Britain in general doesn't it?

Like, yeah, the guard must stay in that stern and proper position because it's dignified, unlike being providing more frequent breaks or using your own hands to drink water.

google cont. 

They originally tried to say it was an accident, but an engineer named marius milner specifically wrote software to collect the data, which other google engineers collected for the company. wired.com/2012/05/google-wifi-

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TL;DR #Microsoft is (again) putting requirements on manufacturers (Lenovo, in this case) to effectively limit computers to only run Windows. @EU_Commission - I hope you are noticing and enforcing the rules we have to stop this kind of behaviour once again. Make it fast, please. Thx! mjg59.dreamwidth.org/60248.htm

therapy cissexism TERF rhetoric 

How to cope when the therapist you trusted starts spilling "alarming rate of female youth transitioning" and "escaping womanhood" rhetoric? Combined with "this is being discussed in our expert groups..." I don't think she's a TERF, but... I am devastated.

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