Reminder: none of the rights you have as a person were won through peaceful means.

@SockMind Depends on what you call violent.

Erica Chenoweth found that "peaceful" resistance was more likely to topple dictatorships than armed revolution.

However a protest that turned into a riot and damaged property and maybe had a few accidental deaths in response to state repression was still classified as non-violent.

What doesn't work well is revolutionaries using armed groups doing targeted assassinations or bombing campaigns.

When considering actions to resist a tyrannical government... whatever you do, try to avoid blowing up a school bus with kids on board.

@alienghic peaceful protest and voting blue got us where we are today.

How's that going so far?

My thesis:

Not voting,
Not holding elected politicians accountable for their lies and corruption,
Not protesting often enough, peacefully and in numbers,
Giving in to consumerism,
Not organizing early, and better,
Not educating one's stupid neighbors/colleagues,
Allowing fascist propaganda on Fox news
Lack of solidarity with minorities and with each other...,

have brought you to this situation.


@harmonyears2 @SockMind

I want to put a word in for an activist group suggesting canceling cable because fox takes an unreasonablely large chunk of subscribers cable bills, protecting them from losses from losing advertisers.

@harmonyears2 @alienghic

And other than voting them out, what means do we have to hold elected officials responsible when they are apparently above the law?

@SockMind @harmonyears2

Fund local journalists who can specialize in reporting on the politicians in question. Ideally fund journalists and news sites who are not from wealthy backgrounds.

People mostly get involved when they know whats going on and that requires reporting.

Needless to say a billionaires have been gutting local news as less accountability suits them.


Well, that's the point, they think they are above the law until they are chased onto their own rooftops! Or until Trump is behind bars! And he will!

Please, do yourself a favor: Don't resign, fight back!

Don't let politicians, Bezos and Musks, with below average IQ & EQ, lead you around by the nose, and don't get screwed!

You deserve better!


@harmonyears2 @alienghic I'm SAYING we should fight back, but a half measure is no longer enough.

@harmonyears2 @alienghic as citizens, the only thing we can do is vote for the people who refuse to work for us.

Failing that.. well. The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants

@SockMind @harmonyears2

So I'm not in a position to survive being arrested or shot at.

I also have a general policy of not talking about things that can lead to arrest in public spaces with people I don't know.

I would point out that research on overthrowing dictatorships found that violence was less effective than non-violence.

Going around and killing random people will make your cause wildly unpopular.

I mostly know of environmental extremists. Who are still mostly limiting themselves to property damage.

There's the valve turners who disable fossil fuel infrastructure.

There's also a group called the tire extinguishers who are sneaking around deflating SUV tires.

@alienghic @harmonyears2
Ohhh, sorry i misunderstood your goals here. Nice try, fedboy


Isn't there enough chaos already?
What good is violence in this situation?
It only destroys the hard work of the activists, without any added benefit. Be smarter and not dumber than the enemy!



I think they blocked me. It's kind of weird in that I can see the notifications, but if I click on one then it disappears.

What's currently going on isn't enough to stop global warming, but it's not clear anything else would work any better.

Wonder what I said that made them mad.

To be honest, I don't know who or what this is about.

Anyway, that shouldn't be so important. What is important is to continue to support democracy, minority rights and freedom. Find groups and people who support that, who share those core values, and support each other.

Communication on social media is difficult. Sometimes things go wrong.
This can happen for a variety of reasons and should not be taken personally.

I was banned from Twitter for allegedly harassing a Musk groupie.
Ridiculous - especially since fascists openly incite violence on Twitter. Maybe I've tweeted too many times,💩 emoji to Nazis & Musk?


The 1999 protests against the WTO were considered successful at causing that round of talks to collapse.

Though since then security forces have gotten more skilled at keeping protestors away from government and corporate negotiators.
So the protestors found COP26 pretty useless.

As for the Democrats I feel its unfair to lump them all together as there's a huge range of opinions in that party they go everywhere from democratic sociallists to capitalist coal barons

The Democrats haven't had to face the wrath of their activist base sniping safe seats from career politicians like the republicans have and so haven't been pushed to the left the way the Republicans have been shoved to the right

Though that might be starting to change as several establishment candidate have struggled in Los Angeles.

@SockMind I guess you're talking about the US then. Most rights in Norway afaik was won trough due process, unions and rights orgs.

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