gOD katamari damacy's music is awesome

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vaporwave song names be like θέλω być 美丽

D&D seems rEALLY fun, sadly, i practically have no one to play with


I know that it may be expected from a game called "Killer7" but oh my god do people die all the time for no reason

Like, 4 people kill each other over a game of majhong

I tried playing killer7 and i don't understand a god damn thing like what the fuck is going on

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the completed video bar on the bottom of this video is my deepest shame

After all that happened, i am now unable to enter my paypal profile, there is a Captcha and every time i try and complete it, the page refreshes

what: the fuck

I somehow fixed it???????

did i put my deadname while registering without noticing?????????????????


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My deadname appears in PayPal and there's no way for me to change it

fuck me

This was the easiest shit ever but i still feel proud of myself

I'm glad i can use that OS again, it's looks were always amazing to me

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Man, using Windows XP for streaming things is a lot of fun

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