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Big thanks to @Pepijn who showed me that by mentioning @3goodthings and by following them, we could create a group where all the toots are shared.

So today when hashtagging please consider mentioning @3goodthings too and following them 😍

Every day a new

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If I created a it would be for people with an interest in and and . With a slant towards Britain, BUT VERY accepting of everyone who could share the above hashtag content 😉
ALSO no cooking of your pets... Or anyone else's. Pet cooking would be wrong. Unless... 🐖 But no... Although 🤔

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What do I like? Well, I like I chat about things like
I like loads of music from to with on the mix too. I like , , and nice people. I collect China and glass animals. I read and love Sir Terry Pratchett  
I like and , especially , and oh and

Just been on Ryan Reynolds aviation gin website and there's a cute homage to John Candy (I assume!) in the store

Jug in the shape of a cat (Iran, 13th century).

Photo taken at the Museum of Islamic Art, Athens, Greece.

#Qualitätskatzen #CatsOfMastodon #cats #Mastocats #CatContent
(photo: @kernpanik | license: BY-NC-SA 4.0)

1) A visit to the seaside Rendezvous café at Whitley Bay.
2) Saw an Aston Martin cross The Tyne Bridge.
3) I made Lebanese lentil soup, recipe from Pinterest.

#3GoodThings 1) Coffee with a friend 2) Her standoffish cat purred at me then head butted me 😍 3) Chatted with several people on the walk home

Having a really hard time finding a free/reasonable transcription tool...many app will transcribe live meeting/conversation but it's hard to find one that will transcribe already recorded sound file (podcast) - and in Japanese...or they only allow 10 minutes for free, things like that. My podcasts are 50+ minutes....if you know any please let me know. TIA

Ted (my fox terrier) also wants to share his @3goodthings
Barked at a cat
Stole and ate some bread
Found favourite toy to sleep with


🌩️ thunder, lightning and really heavy rain with huge hail stones earlier was fun! (not for my dog but this is my 3 things not hers)
🥑perfect avocado at lunchtime
🎎 Japanese style apron arrived and it's very nice.

I decided to try a bigger format and some new pencils, so this one ate up six weeks of my life 😂 Barn Owl, colored pencil on smooth bristol, 12"x12".

#mastoArt #coloredPencil #wildlifeArt #drawing #art

Found a great ‘finish the drawing’ topic on 9GAG, I’ll share them here :blobcatgiggle:

> Finish the drawing

The Tories and the Met are in cahoots!

Met Police 'stitch up' claim as Sajid Javid's brother oversees Partygate complaint. He is the second highest ranking officer in the department that decided not to investigate the force’s handling of the gatherings

Just doing my timesheets. I've only worked my contracted hours one week in the last 8. All the others I've worked over😭. Stick that up your bum Jacob Rees-mogg. Working from home is work..
Might finish 15 minutes early now for fun.

I don't always eat sour Skittles. But when I do I eat so many I think I might die... Or vomit a rainbow

Thunder, lightning AND hail. British weather you are spoiling us!

Clay baby dragon, ready to be made into a necklace! It is my cutest work so far and I am extremely happy about it! 🥬

#dragon #clay #polymerclay #mastoArt

Despite starting this article by describing mastodon as 'twitter without the nazis' and then explaining the lack of adverts, it then says there is no 'pull' no reason to join! Oh i see! You LIKE the nazis and the cool..

UKPol, cunts the lot of 'em 

Grant Shapps claims 'not partying' Boris Johnson was mourning his mum - a year before she died
Cabinet Partygate ally Grant Shapps said Boris Johnson was "clearly not partying" when he raised a glass of fizz and pointed out "he lost his mum, despite the fact she died 10 months later

oh lordy the incompetence continues. They can't even lie effectively

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