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What do I like? Well, I like I chat about things like
I like loads of music from to with on the mix too. I like , , and nice people. I collect China and glass animals. I read and love Sir Terry Pratchett  
I like and , especially , and oh and

#3goodthings @3goodthings
🐘created a fun new mastodon persona (it's still me really) at a cool new instance
🐕reasonable dog walk before work although Ted (the twat) saw a squirrel and became a crazed loon. 🐿️ Fizz remained calm.
🍲homemade soup for lunch. with added butter beans

#3GoodThings @3goodthings 1) Petrichor 2) Dog snores mean she feels safe 3) Realised I can stand up for myself if I need to

Guess how much it hurts if you get kettle descaler on a paper cut?

My worker co-op, Open Data Services, is hiring for two developer roles.

We're employee owned, we work remotely (although UK only), and all the code we write is open source.

See this twitter thread for a summary:

Or go straight to the job ads:
🟣 Data Visualisation Web Developer:
🟣 Python Software Developer:

@Tattooed_mummy Hahah. Yup. Same experience.. We must've come over in the same wave!

As with most people in this thread, you lot are my new buddies since the Twitter wave I came in with washed back out to the bird site and left me shipwrecked on cat & techie island. 😂

Jokes on them - I love it here.. this place is much more chill, suits my actual interests a lot more, and toots dont get lost in the endless barrage of screams.

Kinda nice we were all forced to make new friends

When I came here I was really happy so many of the good people I knew from twitter came too. Then I met people here and was even happier. Now almost all the twitter crowd have gone back to twitter. So huzzah for the rest of you friendly bastards! 🥂

Creepy political art 

It's not art you "like" but it's terribly compelling, not just this print, all of them. Have a browse if you feel mentally strong.
Sweat - Double portrait of Prince Andrew and Epstein - Wefail Art

I can't take anyone seriously that says "protesting is a waste of time" any more than the people that say "voting is a waste of time".
Fucking nonsense all around.

If anyone is trying to discourage you from taking action you should wonder why.

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: Horse rescued after sinking up to its neck in a bog.
The horse was freed and returned to its paddock without any injuries, said the fire service.

: City councils bio-diversity boom leads to an increase of wild flowers in Worcester.
Several southern march orchids have been spotted around Worcester thanks to the city council biodiversity scheme.

Alan Turing statue in Manchester surrounded by flowers to mark maths genius' birthday.
The floral birthday present was first done in 2013 and since then the idea has raised more than £10,000 for Special Effect, a UK-based charity which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.

The news is very newsy today. I'll try and find some lighter stories...

Abortion, California, safety 

California has passed a law shielding abortion doctors and patients from bans and lawsuits in other US states after the country’s Supreme Court revoked abortion rights for millions of Americans

USPol, abortion, companies supporting workers 

Corporate America is increasingly being drawn from the political sidelines on the abortion issue in response to pressure from investors, customers and employees. Companies are also struggling to attract and retain talent, and worry about the impact these states' anti-abortion laws could have on their workers.

Can anyone please tell me what the sticker that came with my botan rice candy says?

Could you all consider popping to the Google store, the ios app store, or and download the OLIO app. Thank you kindly.
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Which do you value higher: favourite or boost/repeat/renote?

Just posted this on the birdsite so I may just as well post it here. Use whenever convenient.

#trans #lgbt #feminism

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