So its womens history month and some people use the term womxn to be more inclusive to trans women. Do actual trans women use it? Also what pronouns would a nonbinary women use if thats a real term?

Im so clever and funny for coming up with this 

Why are we socked republicans dont want immigrants in their country no one hates themselves more than republicans

Im thinking of legally changing my name to dark skinned no-breed monkey

My brother just made me say steven crowder is a comedian i might go jump into a hole full of ants

I read one short story and now i wanna make a movie about a woman seeing her dead dad in a mountain dog 💀

Geniune question 

Can someone live off of $2 a day cause if not then its should not be the poverty line

What’s on your mind?

Like i know america cant do a lot of things right but we cant really correct that joe biden is actually the 45th president and im not even joking

Every day i wanna thank kali uchis for creating me and all of her other children

Everyday im forced to do another math problem and i feel jaded

@Teddi @natecull I think this is a perfect case of "just because you can doesn't mean you should"

Just learned what jaded means and i think i know how to describe myself to people now

Im watching silence of the lambs 

And ted levine could get it then and now

How many of you filthy queers have committed to a vegan lifetyle 

Cause when im independent i might wanna do the same

Lets get a little personal 

Everytime i poop i think i have constipation no matter the size.

This is who i am on the inside

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