How do the nonbinary people here feel when people say “gays and the theys” is it patronizing being reduced to a rhyming scheme or does it not bother you

Its one am and i miss yaoi hentai why dont they make it anymore

Lucky (britneyspears) is such a cry for help and everyone just ignored it

Is there term i could use for people who get pregnant has someone created one?

Does anyone else think its creepy how extreme christians romanticize death?

Are intersex people part of the lgbtq+? Like who put that there

I want pro socialist propaganda in my television shows and i want it now😡

Sometimes i read something and the author or person uses the term “men and women” so much that it feels like they are doing it purposely. Would it hurt to use the term “people” or “everyone”. Its even worst when they have previously acknowledged in another conversation that there is more than the gender binary.

Harry styles didnt even look good in that dress these people were hyping him up for no reason

My hero academia...

Thinking about how solange deleted the when i come home visual album from youtube

Allies are getting too comfortable making fun of gay republicans

Guess who 

After seeing him in the green boa and leather outfit i get it

What are harajuku girls and why was gwen stefani so obsessed with them?

When are they gonna let mastodon users follow more then one instance less twitterlike and more discordlike

Jordan Peterson should write fantasy books have you seen his super intellectual graphs about the universe


I just had a dream where my came to my room naked and said they wanted to fuck me then i said no then turns out they actually said fuck you and they hate me then they started chasing me then we got caught in a sand trap then somehow i woke up and none of it is true and i dont understand anything anymore.

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