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Just a intro..
My names Mia. Am genderless and gay. I'm known around communities as someone who never thinks twice. If I have an idea, I'll create it, or fail trying. Two things matter in my life, the ppl I love, and the code on my Github account.
I like Shell and JS, hate golang and rust.
Currently trying to prove GNL (GNU is not Linux), by making a distro without any GNU code
Check out my github account, or don't, whatever 🤷

shitpost / hornypost 

There are ppl I talk to when I'm horny, and there are ppl I talk to while I'm horny

If u use gay as an insult, please, recycle your brain

I am requesting that you shut, the fuck up,,, thank you 🙏

Idc what distro u use,,,, it's not gonna keep u company at night,,,, 😤

I really need to find a way to work from my bathtub.

microdumb meets is only compatible with Chrom*,,,, so I now have had to install Chromium,,,, the pain is starting to set in

Good morning mastodon! 👋 It's 9am in Canada Ontario, my nose will not let air through it, and I am currently in online school,,,,


golang is huge, please for the sake of my 16gb laptop,,,,, stop using ittt 😢

Semi because it still costs $144 and u have 0 choice with how much data microdumb steals from you or any choice what happens to ur pc

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Windows but it's using Linux's kernel and is semi good

Imagine if one day they wake up and finally figure out that the NT Kernel was crap from the beginning so they just redo Windows on GNU Hurd and the Matrix just crashes

paying $144 to use your pc is like selling one of your lungs so u can use the other

Google when they shove Chrome so deep into an OS it can't be uninstalled,,, (twice): "<Insert business is booming meme>"

Me in front of the monitor: "I'm so tired, can't think anymore."

Me in bed: "I'm so bored, can't sleep now."

Sometimes opening the plastic tab on a container is harder than opening a can


Doing illegal things is bad!! *I say as I steal music using Soulseek*

I don't share these with ppl a lot, but I make backgrounds/wallpapers sometimes, ofc there free of copyright,,, here are some samples,,,
can find them all here

basic rant 

@ThatGeekyWeeb tell them it was the 5g towers

basic rant 

My mother saying she doesn't want my sisters to "catch" my views/gay/trans - ness
Me: "Bruh, when did it become 1920?"

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