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The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!

It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

It's depressing seeing the "Stokerverse" still going.


One of the lead creatives behind it "hired" my ex to do PR/SocMed work for them, and offered my sibling & I a writing/art gig on a small Cyberpunk/Solarpunk story.

But, as soon as he found out he wouldn't get to fuck my ex, he blocked all of us and started spreading rumours about my ex & I (essentially suggesting we were dangerous to be around). see a "Stokerverse" product? Avoid it.

H'okay, so, I'm looking for more recommendations on realistic/semi-realistic/grounded apocalypse or post-apocalypse films to watch.

Happy to watch anything from the 1950s onwards.

My insurer inspected my car, confirmed that there was no way I was going fast enough to cause injury.

The claim was dropped.

Until today, with 6 months left before they cannot re-claim for the "accident"

They are once again trying to claim for injury.

I am furious. I am tired.

I may have to go to court to provide evidence.

I am a ball of anxiety.

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Back in December 2019 I got into a car "accident"

I was very slowly reversing out of a parking space at a GP's, when a car appeared behind me (on the wrong side of the road).

I gently bumped the car with the trailer hook.

The hook left a small bump in the side of their car, but nothing more.

We exchanged insurance details, I went home and advised my insurer of the incoming claim.

They ended up claiming injury.

I am making 0 progress in my:
- physical health
- mental health
- social life
- dating life
- transition

2022 is going great. I'm so tired.

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It's ready! Wooh!

Stars, Steel, and Space - a Compendium of Future Visions

Stars, Steel and Space is a compendium of AI-generated sci-fi futuristic artwork, with themes covering vehicles, fashion, engines, astronomy, and more! 169 high-res pages with illustrations, sketches, notations, concepts, and blueprints to fuel your imagination.

Created in MidJourney. Thanks to @Arcana for the title suggestion!

CW AI art

#AIArt #DigitalArt #MastoArt

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Colonizers have no families because everyone is an abused trophy. The indigenous have no families because their collectivist lifeways are destroyed, police tear the dads away, CPS tears all the children away.
This #TaikaWaititi interview is so close to home.

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looking for work, boost appreciated 

Hello Fedi can you get me hired?

I’m looking for #jobs, preferably as #contractor, in #translation. I do Chinese—English and vice versa.

I have experience in translating news articles, political opinion pieces, research papers, technical documentation, and poetry. While working for a news website, I also took on additional fact-checking as part of my job in translation.

I have no trouble tackling the most dense jargons of theoretical physics, nor massaging the rhyme and metre of a verse in order to evoke the original‘s aesthetics.

I believe strongly in cultural sensitivity and empathy in a translator’s work.

In addition to English, I’m also learning French, Russian, and Sanskrit for fun.

Under the tag #VerseThursday you can find some of my translations. Be warned, there are gay stuff.

I am currently employed full-time, but I am looking for additional sources of income and satisfaction.

DMs are ok, thanxx

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Rainbow capitalism 

Tell me you didn't ask a single LGBTQIA+ person before running your Pride campaign, without telling me you didn't ask a single LGBTQIA+ person before running your pride campaign.

Please tell me I'm not the only one to see this?

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At one point there's a Pegasi winning a co.petition and one of the non-magical earth ponies says the line "Pegasi have an unfair advantage!"

The whole episode, the whole of Zipp's developing plotline, screams trans allegory to me.

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H'okay, so, I've just watched the new G5 episode of , the follow up to the film released...last year?

Anyways, Zipp (the pony pictured below) has to be trans...or, at least, the plot is making Zipp a trans allegory.

Zipp is a princess, but super doesn't like the stereotypical "girly" trappings that come with being one.

At the end they say "Mum, would you mind just calling me Zipp?"

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AI-Generated art: Preview of some of the pages from The Necromancer's Cookbook (horror) 

I think this one's going to be bigger than the fae one, and broken into sections for soups, desserts, etc. XD


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The Marvelous Land of OZ is the little known sequel to The Wizard of Oz that has never been properly adapted because it's kind of hard for a transphobic society to adapt a book about a trans girl learning she's trans. Am I projecting?
Am I reading in?

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AI-generated art of humanoid monsters, Elden Ring inspired 

This was me playing with prompts trying to get it to generate creatures like the Elden Ring bosses. It's tricky because Elden Ring is so new and probably doesn't have much in the model yet for the AI to build on.

Prompts were stuff like 'concept art, lots of arms, monster, giant, many arms, weapons'.


Made myself Cheese on Toast with a sneaky surprise (it's meat)

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