@HaraldAlexander @TransVegan because the same reason why most cars have four wheels, and why you and I both have a nose!

There is no copyright on how products look like, its just a shape and we humans are used to those I can not imagine a having a vegan burger with a burger that looks like cube shaped block of soja/veggies

@HaraldAlexander I’m not vegan because I hated meat. I vegan because I can’t stand the cruelty in the process of creating it. So if they can make plants look and taste like meat. It’s perfect, as no animal is unnecessarily killed to make it.

@TransVegan "no hearts are broken in the process", not entirely true, I met one person that was so angry that we have a company here that is called "vegetarian butcher" (but then in Dutch) and made the food just look like real meat, that they really went to write a couple conplainment letters to them!

I've never seen someone being so hurt by just a name and their way of doing things 😂

@TransVegan Honestly, being of Indian descent, I really don’t like soy burgers and such. But it is easy for me to talk, as Indians are spoilt for choice of veggie dishes.

@TransVegan i hate the "uncanny valley" burgers... I've been vege forever and I finally got used to over-fried falafel, cardboard vegie patties, and tvp disasters.

All these beetroot blood meat balls should get off my lawn


@TransVegan you gotta find a guy whos whole life is about it ... Like one who studied under the great mastets of falafel.

@TransVegan me too. I got a perfect one once and the next time we ordered from there it was back to "normal".

Playing with my fragile emotions. :(

sex, off topic rant 

@TransVegan infuriatingly, people use the same argument about dildos/strap-ons with regards to lesbians: "if you're really not attracted to men why do you need a penis involved?" Well maybe, BRAD, there's more about men than just their penis? Like we all know the only thing interesting about you is your microdick but it's about who's attached to the implement, as well as how it feels, not just what it is!

sex, off topic rant 

@alexispurslane strange things people come out with, seemingly just to show their stupidity. No other reason I can think of at least.

@TransVegan I...honestly mostly eat chicken for meat-type nutrients. My allergy to soy, poverty and my particular brand of neurodivergence don't help admittedly.

Plus I struggle to find food that has calcium that I like and will eat enough of outside of string cheese.

Random thoughts. I also don't know if I have the energy to go vegan and find what can work.

@ozmainthedark there’s a lot of vegan options that don’t have soya, and anything I am low on (vitamins, minerals) I take supplements. I haven’t got much money, but can a decent grocery shop.
But not really what I’m on here for to be honest. Just looking to make new friends within the LGBTIQ+ community. Just thought I’d warn people in case I go off on one without thinking.

@TransVegan Sorry. I was rambling some. I also struggle with a lot. I also don't trust supplements given the less regulation. Plus I can't use food stamps to get them anyways. I know there's stuff without soy. I just have to find stuff I like and I can sort out, can get myself to eat regularly (otherwise I just don't eat, an instinct I have to fight against to some degree) and I am overwhelmed and am trying to sort out stuff to live. Adding figuring that out right now I can't do.

@ozmainthedark it’s all good. Ramble all you want, I’m happy to talk with anyone.
I kind of feel the same about supplements, but not had any problems with the levels in blood test, so I guess it works for me (for now).
Do your thing. Don’t put yourself out there when you can’t afford it. I know it can be hard not having money, I got nothing for another week. Make sure you eat, and try keeping yourself healthy. It’s all that counts.

@TransVegan Yeah. Plus like I loved the taste of soy and I was gonna like wean my way to tofu with soy sauce, sesame seed oil and mongolian fire oil after not having tofu for a while but ummmm. That did not go well. Once I'm in a better financial and mental position I will prolly experiment again. I mostly use cereal for nutrients since most cereal have nutrients added. It's very much. I'ma do what I can. In the future I'm sure I can find a good option. More peanuts may be a future factor.

@ozmainthedark I hope everything turns round for you really soon. Don’t put too pressure on yourself to rush anything. Good idea to experiment when the time comes that you can spend some more.

@TransVegan At year 15 of things not turning around I'm not expecting much. Well that and I've only become less able to get stuff done after some injuries. However it would be nice. I mean it's been going better in some ways.

@ozmainthedark Really sorry. ❤️❤️❤️

Just don’t give up, and I really do wish things get better and easier for you. ❤️❤️

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