#OtD 28 Sep 1846 British troops opened fire on starving food rioters in Dungarvan, Ireland, killing one. The Great Famine lasted until the 1850s, killing around a million people and forced even more to emigrate, while food was exported for profit.

Look at all these options! I couldn't even fit them all on one screen. Had to cut off none and She/Her

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Hey, they added a pronoun field to the student profiles on canvas. There's also way more gender neutral bathrooms than last time I was attending classes. Which was 2017? I was planning to go back in 2020 but lol

I'm at city council testifying against the anti-camping ordinance. This is not popular among anyone other than business owners.

✂️📜Artist: #LORETTOgraffiti- in City: #London UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "Rock Scissor Paper" / Schere, Stein, Papier - #streetart #art #mastoart #mural #StandWithUkraine️ 🇺🇦

"Soft life‽" Amazing how wanting a normal life is "soft" for the MBA crowd who own multiple houses and live a very comfortable life. Fuck off

This is the kind of people you deal with. Anytime there's an attempt to expand or rethink the response to homelessness, addiction, mental health, they cry and scream about property value and safety while insisting that they are not against housing and are good Christians but they cannot have services in their neighborhood drawing tye bad people there. What if they... step on their lawn and are forced to shoot them?

It's the city's fault for letting the shelter be built there.

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Still thinking about the town hall I crashed between neighborhood NIMBYs and the mayor with Catholic Charities.

They kept demanding to know why CC bought the hotel to turn it into a housing service to help stabilize and transition people out of homelessness without notifying and getting neighborhood approval. When the guy from CC said sometimes the needs of the marginalized are more important than property value, they started screaming and booing.

2666. Universe Price Tiers 

title text: In Universe Pro®™ the laws of physics remain unchanged under time reversal, to maintain backward compatibility.


Yesterday another Starbucks organizer has been fired. yesterday and continuing today workers walked out on strike at both locations.
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I am in an evacuation zone. There is a fire a few blocks away. I'm doing what I can to stay safe and calm until I can leave. This is what happens when you don't have a car. I could go outside but the air would be worse.

FUN FACT: if you're in the united states, it is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN that you are entitled to as many fucking free label 228's from the united states postal service as you goddamn want

the one limitation is that you can only order up to 750 at a time

what are they good for? oh, y'know... for those times when you wanna make stickers to put on things at places!

(juuuuust kidding, that's illegal and i'd never condone that!)


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