Managed to clear most of my clogged drain only AFTER putting in a maintenance request :blobexpressionless: Oh well. At least the other issues can be looked at and in the meantime I can use the bathroom sink without a stagnate pool of soapscum and toothpaste hanging around for days.

#OtD 12 Aug 2017 32-year-old anti-racist Heather Heyer was killed and 19 injured in a neo-Nazi terror attack in Charlottesville, VA. Heather was one of many protesting a white supremacist rally when a Nazi drove his car deliberately into the crowd.

hey so a great way to meet new comrads, pull in a sense of community care and shame your local government for not doing the right thing is to set up pop up cooling stations during heat waves offer shade, food, water. Be sure to have one in front of city hall and call over the mayor and council members when you see them trying to slink past. Film them saying "It will take all of us to get through this" while refusing to say what they're doing to help.

#OtD 10 Aug 1680 the Pueblo Revolt (aka: Popé's Rebellion) began in the Spanish colonial province of Santa Fe de Nuevo México as the Indigenous Pueblo people rose up against the colonizers. 400 colonisers were killed and the remaining 2,000 expelled.

This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion

Cancel it. Delete your account. Help your friends delete theirs. Abandon that dumpster fire.


On August 5th, I was woken up with an assault rifle pointed at me and arrested for a crime I didn't commit. I need your help. Please share this video widely


Abolish the Supreme Court vol 2 compilation album is out! All proceeds goto National Network of Abortion Funds. Solidarity forever. ❤️

I think it's an anxiety thing. I hate feeling like I'm inconvenienceing someone.

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I hate bagging my own groceries at the store. I'm working as fast I can to not squish the bread and keep all the cold items together and I'm about halfway through when the cashier tells me my total so I feel pressured to run around to the pinpad to pay. Then I'm extra frantic trying to reach and bag the last few items when I'm told I input the wrong pin so I have to redo it and the person behind me is staring straight ahead, arms crossed. Oh no, I'm so sorry.

Okay this is because of a conversation I had on bumble.


Sorry liberals, any defence no matter how minute of a an anti trans activist ist an attack against trans people.

There is no nuance here, you can accept trans people as who we are or you can go fuck yourself and as so often the liberal inaction is the worst you can do since it enables the cunts and spreads their bullshit

So many NIMBYs at the city council meeting crying about property value and their kids having to see homeless people if a shelter is opened near the neighborhood.

I thought converting the motel to no barrier apartments was a good idea but what do I know? I'm just a renter in the apartments down the way. Not terrified of people on drugs or living in tents.

involuntarily learning german as a consequence of joining mastodon

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