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Unlearning the Christian teaching that suffering is virtuous. We should exalt joy, in ourselves and others. The world is abundant. There's no reason to promote deprivation or misery.

The heatwave is starting in earnest. The city has not prepared cooling shelters beyond an extra hour at the library and I guess you can ride the bus for free if you don't have $2 ugh. And now the mayor and police are conducting sweeps under the bridges. WHERE ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO GO, NADINE!? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?

I really cannot overstate the damage that we are inviting on ourselves by allowing brands to act like people in our social spaces

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uspol, call for action :boost_ok: 

"The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill codifying same-sex marriage and it is now going to the Senate where there really is an actual chance of it passing... If you live in a state with a Republican senator, please call the senate office telling them that as a constituent, you support same-sex marriage and the Respect for Marriage Act."

Some people are surprised by this framing by The Daily Mail. But you shouldn't be. The Mail supported Hitler and Mussolini, is still owned by the family which was personal friends with Hitler, and continuously posts transphobic and homophobic nonsense, as well as racism of course


They are going to kill queer people over monkey pox stories being presented like this.


I spent 7 hours on a small grass patch on a busy street corner handing out water and things to help people cool down. I'm so tired at least there's more volunteers tomorrow so not doing that again. It's going to get dangerous to be out there that long.

mutual aid is just people with $49 in their bank accounts giving $5 to people with $11 in their bank accounts until the roles are reversed and the cycle begins anew

so i put together my abortion funds thread into a cleaned up and expanded blog post on dreamwidth, and i've found myself adding some updates to it as well. so i figured i'd share the link.

abortion funds still need your support.

Talking to unemployment people is so frustrating. At least with that, I'm done with my job search requirements for the week.


who is more violent, the person who burns down an empty building, or the system that puts spikes under bridges to keep people from sleeping under them.


Eczema. Now I have to use a steroid cream and prepare for my tattoos to probably get ruined.

When I send you this: 💪☀️
It means drop everything and check out

When I send you this: 🏴‍☠️
It means intellectual property is a capitalist fiction, knowledge should be freely circulated, and cultural workers should be paid and supported through a different mechanism than 'ownership' of nonrivalrous immaterial goods

Health and reminders 

Tomorrow: wake up early to go to urgent care, schedule test to get into the trades apprenticeship program, don't forget to buy oat milk. Maybe go to the tradeswomen meeting?

Tonight: try not to scratch and rip all my skin off, work on writing project.

Being on mastodon is learning German against my will. I don't know how to feel about that but it's happening. I'm recognizing words.

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