Cops, acab news 

Asshole cops stopped a community pantry where the poor can get free food and other amenities like hand sanitizer and masks cuz communism
Fuckin cops


Ive been friends with them for 2 years now
Still feels so abrupt

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American suburbia is a parasite on the world


I miss an ex friend of mine but i know its best i dont talk to them anymore
Still feel like i abandoned them but its for their and my health


I wanna fuck a cutr girl rn and make out with her then cuddle with her and talk about my feelings

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I bought a blahaj am i a bigger stereotype now?

I just found out that american suburbs cant have any commercial shops so they end up as dead homes with no community

This explains a lot about the states

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i hope i can actually turn this into a full song instead of giving up like this morning

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I dont wanna go to class anymore
I dont wanna do my thesis
Im so fucked up now

The macabre and dark comforts me more than any happy sunshine shit people peddle

Its like listening to metal when ur angry or stressed its more,,, cathartic

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I am *very much* in need of money

please check out my shop or my liberapay

I am also available for personnalized plushies and cross stitch, slide in my DMs!

please, if you can't order / donate, RT 🙏

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With how I play OpenTTD I might as well call myself Trainsgender

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Beg post, Trans Day Of Visability, help a trans girl today, boost!! 

Hey I am roxie and I pay for all of my transition out of pocket. I am a freelance part time dev and getting money is hard and I am often on and off my countries benefit system. On top of this I contribute a large amount of my earnings to bills for me and my mum. Making sure we keep up with rent and bills.

Transitioning has made life livable and I don't want that to stop! I am actually able to get out of the bed in the morning. If you want to help a trans girl then it would be really nice if you could donate to me. I only want people to donate if they are able to and are doing well themselves first. That is important!!

BTC: bc1qgy9xmjfz9h9em96chw0fdjj6l2uxzpvvgfa5jq

Monero: 8A3pHVxaoPKCTTaZYyVF456mMit7wSMMsYeB2bgz5GHjaYCv4opWK8A6X7xKGYiheZ7tcmnkEMLxEekN7ng5bMGoErhSM8h


#transcrowdfund #mutualaid

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This place has a coming out day?
Well then I like boys, girls, enbies, and everything in and out of the spectrum :3

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