I feel like this is really pushing the definition of "pizza" past the breaking point.

Reading Stephen Poole's latest Edge column earlier and it echoes something I've seen around the internet a fair bit - that the reboot is a really sort of now phenomena and it surprises me how so many media literate people let themselves believe that.

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The problem with the word "destroyed" today is that it can equally describe having twenty ammunition dumps shelled with HIMARS rocket artillery, or a Youtuber making a slightly amusing remark

I was reading a comment from the author of this fanfic I'm making my way through and I really, really like this quote:

"Be careful about demanding answers from the universe, because eventually it's going to give you one. Whether or not you're able to handle it is your problem."

Behold, from the depths of my dresser, the most aggressively early '00s t-shirt I own!

The original Creepshow (1982) remains an all-time top-five horror film. 👍


Eugenicists want eugenics to be true because they believe in the Just World Fallacy, the bogus idea that good things only happen to good people and bad things only happen to bad people. 6/8

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If someone is famous by choice, you can hold them to a higher standard than people who aren't famous. You can be disappointed in them for not matching that standard if you were a fan of them before. But you should not hold trans people to a higher standard than you do cis people simply because they're trans.

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Some people try to claim that Alex Jones says the things he says but doesn't believe them. I posit that Alex Jones, like Donald Trump, is so craniorectally inverted that he no longer distinguishes truth from fiction.


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It's... unlikely that this is going to lead to war, no matter how much the Internet likes to assume every piece of international news presages WWIII. But it's also kind of hard to see how it actually helps either the US or Taiwan when the former doesn't seem united behind it or prepared for the backlash, and it just puts the latter at greater risk from their much more powerful belligerent neighbor.

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The fact that it's the Speaker of the House and not the President, Secretary of State, or even someone in Senate leadership doing this is, in itself, concerning, since the House is conventionally less involved in foreign affairs than the executive branch or the Senate. And executive branch comments about the trip don't make it sound like they're exactly on board with Pelosi's gambit, either.

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My general sense of the whole Pelosi/Taiwan situation is, roughly speaking: showing support for Taiwan is a good thing, generally speaking. But it's also a touchy, dangerous subject where the implications need to be carefully considered in advance, and I'm very much not confident that Pelosi and her team have done that. Without that care, the visit is likely to do more harm than good.

no kings no gods no masters
but emperor norton is fine he can stay

I had to do this for work-related reasons, but I'm already regretting it. Give me back my beauti... eh... adequate hair. 😭

I watched the first two episodes of Spy x Family. It's very cute, if aggressively cliched. But sometimes that's fine, y'know? Plus, it's just nice to see an anime where the main characters aren't teenagers. Makes me feel a little less ancient than I really am. 🧓

New 'do.

I quite like the look, though I should have shaved this morning. 😅🧔‍♀️

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