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I've seen a few people here with intros so I might as well also do one.

I'm none binery, interested in aviation (both commercial and military tbh) and I'm new to the whole federated social media thing. If I do anything untoward, please tell me because I don't like, want to do that. Hope to see you all around.

(Walking up to a straight couple) so which one of you is the discord admin, and which is the sussy baka kitten

Another good day for plane spotting. Seen 2 Qantas a330s for the first time today and a Cathay Pacific a350! Love the a350 banger of a plane tbh

gender is just a theory man, you can't prove that shit, now put on the maid costume

I'm the governor general of this here federal timeline. tl dissolved everyone's going home. Just decided.

Decisions of federal timeline overrule those of state and local timelines

If I were fitgirl I would simply compress 50gb into 1mb. Rip her but I'm different

Cannibal corpse parody band about fishing and they're called cannibal carps

Sipping electrolytes sourced from only the finest original Xbox clock capacitors

electrolytic capacitors are the grapes of electronics, juicy

@WindchimesAreGay please be fake please please dont do this to bingus

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