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I've seen a few people here with intros so I might as well also do one.

I'm none binery, interested in aviation (both commercial and military tbh) and I'm new to the whole federated social media thing. If I do anything untoward, please tell me because I don't like, want to do that. Hope to see you all around.

Gourd looks like someone fucked up spelling the word but just went with it and no one else called them out on it.

as it would appear this was the wrong image. allow me to rectify this

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i think it's about time i address the elephant in the room regarding my previous actions and behavior towards geet. allow me a moment to gather my thoughts and get an apology going

oh yeah woo yeah oh yeah woo yeah woo woo yeah go wild yeah oh yeah woo yeah oh yeah

real talk, it's very funny to me that the joker turned into the butt of the joke, but not in the way anyone intended

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I'm the guy who supervises all the supervised machine learning algorithms

beginning to regret doing two planes within the span of a week

Gameing til my eyes bleed. I do not care, j live by the gamer creed

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