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Hi! I'm Matthew. I fix software, sing in a choir, take lots of photos, enjoy everything about trains (speaking of 'toot'), eat too much cheese, and love a night out disco dancing (poorly). I have enjoyed learning a lot in my short time on the bird app, and I look forward to more of the same here.

I used to have a role called "NFT Lead" at work, but in that case NFT stood for "New Functionality Trailblazers". The new functionality was scanning barcodes on immunizations into the electronic health record prior to giving them to the patient.

I think I prefer my version of NFT.

"Hello colleagues, apologies for the downtime. There was a Failure to Mount, which I assure you is a technical term."

Pub bathroom at Volunteer Tavern. πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ

"In corpore sano", but make it fitness tracking:

🎢 Fitbit Strava!
Fitbit Strava!
Fit, fit, fit, Fitbit Strava! 🎢

Sweaty selfie 

Back home, back on the workout wagon. Caught some inspiration from the past two weeks that I'd like to channel into results.

Slight NSFW talk 

I really don't understand "___ can suck a dick" as an insult. Frankly I'd suck most dicks happily. In a heteronormative world, yes, but I even hear gays using that insult?! Again, feature not a bug.

Perhaps we can popularize "___ can suck salty licorice without expecting it" or "___ can suck a paper straw long after it went mushy" as insults instead.

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Today I’m going to take some time to admire a piece of art one of my hoomans created :blobhaj_tiny_hearts:

I think it’s quite pretty but it needs some water, I get thirsty just by looking at it :blobhajmlem:

Overall I quite like it, my hooman is so talented :blobhaj_cat:

#blΓ₯haj #blahaj

Slightly embarrassing how often I, an IT professional, resort to to understand HTTP error codes.

While folks are working on their beach bodies, mine is more Paddington at present.

"tenofomo" - the fear of missing out on one's daily dose of PrEP.

Supporting the home side tonight - hair decided to cooperate for once as well.

Apologies for not having any interesting content as of late. To make up for it, here's a picture I took of a pigeon.

Did you hear about the scandal when building a new lock flight on a canal?

Well, they called it Watergate.

Local sausage 

"SurpΓΈlse", a specialty of Kaffestugga in RΓΈros.

lack of shirt 

Attempting to sleep in on my day off. Failing, but failing comfortably at least.

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