My lateat article on Superjump on what it means for a video game to be called successful. The definition isnt as clear cut as you think.

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"eldiot" (noun)

A person who insists Elden Ring is for everyone, and that you should try it no matter how burnt on souls games you may be.

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I'm eating pringles for breakfast, its one of those weeks.

I am deliberately staying clear of everything and anything to do with D3pp / H34rd trial and don't have an opinion either way.

But I have formed the opinion that a lot of you think spousal abuse is fair game for comedy and its sick.

My Mastodon feed has shown me 6 linux based pieces of content in a small window of time. Love this.

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"Be careful this Halloween, hackers are distributing candy with embedded Linux systems inside!"
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I know everyone is keen on decentralization because its a new word they learned last week... But I would kill for a centralized platform so I can ask one single source to stop showing me the D3pp and H3ard Trial, I do not care, and every algorithm is shoving it down my throat.

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what I really want out of this is a microblogging platform that:

1. supports encrypted messaging (including to groups) out of the box.
2. supports a robust mechanism for decentralized groups good admin tooling. This is different from mastodon's instance-oriented communities and timelines. Basically, instances going down would generally "not matter", same as in Matrix.
3. can still participate in fediverse stuff

And this all seems cool but also too much work and idk if anyone would even care to use it.

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i am not a fan of people coming up with reasons for justifying why something just has to be inherently harmful and so the harm is fine and good and it's just a bit of collateral damage you know. maybe we could try to not harm people?

Am I missing something? Everytime I follow someone I have to remember my entire username url and im copy and pasting it all the time. Anyone got any life hacks?

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Remember to be kind to others (unless they have different opinions from you) :calc_smile_hearts: #feditips

(This is a joke)

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