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"The history of humanity has been one long discovery of the fact that the individual is the gainer by society exactly in proportion as society is free, and of the law that the condition of a permanent and harmonious society is the greatest amount of individual liberty compatible with equality of liberty. My neighbor is not my enemy, but my friend, and I am his, if we would but mutually recognize the fact. This service might be greatly increased if we would cease to oppress each other."

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"What relations should exist between the State and the individual? The idea of moral obligation, of inherent rights and duties, [anarchists] totally discard. They look upon all obligations, not as moral, but as social, and even then not really as obligations except as these have been consciously and voluntarily assumed." ~

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3. Anarchists believe that the autonomy of the individual and their ability to grasp their own actualization is a positive force. This does not imply a naive form of individualism; the point is that anarchists must believe that people are capable of directing their own lives. Anarchists must believe that not only are people capable of deciding how to live without a paternalistic force overhead, but that they are happier and society better when they are free to do so.

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"If we genuinely want to make ruins of this totality, we need to make a break. We don’t need inclusion into marriage, the military and the state. We need to end them... We need to ... articulate a wide gulf between the politics of assimilation and the struggle for liberation. We need to rediscover our riotous inheritance as queer anarchists. We need to destroy constructions of normalcy, and create instead a position... capable of dismantling it." ~ 🏴🏳️‍🌈 :anarchy:

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I see ppl doing so I guess I'll do mine!

Hey all! I've literally never used a social media app like Twitter or whatever before so I have no clue what I'm doing.

I'm , , and an . My gf and friends think I'm a .

I love playing games like FNV and reading or writing and science fiction.

I'll probably be shitposting, telling stories from games I play, or posting about the books I'm reading, maybe ranting about .

Asking for donations to afford groceries including cat food, please boost 

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to ask that but I'd desperately need help with groceries.

I'll only receive my disability benefits next week, but my fiancee and I need to afford food, for our two cats as well because they won't have enough until then.

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#MutualAid @mutualaid

@robanybody You're not derailing anything, that's kind of what I was getting at. First, we've *gendered sex*, associating a gender with biological characteristics by choosing to denote some "male" and others as "female", which is an outgrowth of believing that biological sex = gender. Second, we have these biodeterminist myths about how much sex generates gender, so saying someone is "male" makes people think they will act and think "like a man." But it would take a lot to unravel this I think.

I really fucking hate when transphobes call trans women "male," because it forces you to have to either get into an extended battle about semantics and the biology of sex, or you have to look bad for asking someone not to call you "male" because then they can do the whole "you don't like the FACTS, you're actually BIOLOGICALLY MALE" song and dance. But it's just a slimy way to get away with denying you your identity by refusing to call you a woman and associating you with masculinity.

Judith Butler, feminist philosopher: "The point is not that they will go after abortion first, gay marriage second, and contraception third. No, the legal framework that is emerging targets the very idea of new historical formations of freedom (and equality) and seeks a restoration of patriarchal order backed by the force of federal law."

Holy shit. This is an immensely evocative, erudite and well argued essay explaining the fundamental archetype of fascism. The core point is this: not every instance of fascism looks identical. There is no consistent set of features which form the essence of fascism. But fascism can be identified by family resemblance. And Umberto Eco, who grew up in fascist Italy, outlines the archetype here. Tell me if it sounds familiar.

Psychomatic responses are STILL physiological responses.

It's wild how people will dismiss issues that are "all in your head" when that thing in your head; the place where the "you" lives, the thing that controls literally every single function within your body; is causing problems.

Mind-body dualism is a hell of a drug.

begpost, boost please 

im on unpaid medical leave, coping with ptsd from trauma i sustained on the job and continued abuse and exploitation from my employer

trying to keep a roof over my polycule's heads without taking on a ton of debt while i move onto the next chapter of my life as best i can. any amount is appreciated - it'll be going towards rent, food, debt, and moving a partner out of a bad situation out of state

with love and thanks,
-eri, alice, lily, and jm

Every liberal is like "go hold your nose and vote for the people who did little to nothing to stop Roe v. Wade from being overturned and are doing little to nothing to stop Obergefell v. Hodges from being overturned"


Check out this social scientists comments on how the right wing is winning because they don't go around saying voting is all that matters

In addition to voting, there's taking over public institutions, founding institutions biased toward their side, and stochastic terrorism intended to demoralize and destroy their opponents infrastructure.

The terrorism has been highly effective in blocking access to abortion.

He ends with "But if you're not even countenancing all-of-the-above, you've come to a fight-to-the-death wielding nothing but an "in this house" placard."

This should have been obvious. Not being forced to carry an unwanted parasite for 9 months until it develops into a human being that you then have to take care of or give away in a very painful process is a relieving thing, and the only way that you would end up feeling guilty about it is if your society indoctrinates you into feeling guilty about it, and society can do that for any arbitrary thing.

Ben Shapiro says that banning abortion is good.

He also claims to be jewish.

So I guess it really was an act.

"Go google it" is horrible advice in an era where search engines' top results are those who game the algorithm the most, and Google tailors different search results to every user.

So if a clueless person searches about topics like transphobia or racism, they might actually find transphobic or racist results, and in the end your "educate yourself, don't bother me" approach actually made it WORSE.

A very big reason the recent ruling is so devastating; the “adoption is an option” line ignores that the vast majority of adoptions are racist and/or classist state violence against perfectly loving families and their very wanted children, or in the case of most infant adoptions the result of coercion and trickery that amounts to very little more than human trafficking.

⭐ < pretty fucked up how some people will see someone who literally doesn't have a home and go "we should punish þem" ⭐

ngl if you're hanging out in a community full of happily trans people enjoying our genders, and you feel like you have to fight to stay cis here

that's probably an indication that you're already not cis? that pressure to trans your gender is probably coming from inside your own head?

"loitering" and "vibing" are pretty much the same thing, but if shop owners put up signs that said "no vibing" people might realize how ridiculous the whole concept of crime is.

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