Heard a lot of shite over the last day. A lot of people taking the "can't you just compromise with the bullies? 👉👈" route.

No. I won't give in to demands from random people on the Internet, even assuming their intentions are good. I'm not a fucking brand. Don't expect professionalism from me if your first instinct is to attack me personally. It shocked a lot of people that I stood up for myself. I don't have a problem telling people to fuck off.

I've REPEATEDLY said I'll look at the wording.


@nathan I had to do some digging to get context for this and it seems like a whole terrible mess, geez. I know internet drama can get loud and damaging to mental health so I hope you're okay.

@alexispurslane Honestly I'm not doing great but it is what it is. I was trying to relax today but...

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