I'd be here casually following vegan restaurants located in different countries and drooling over their amazing dishes. Why do I torture myself like that? It is not like I can go there anytime soon. :sadness:

So I got engaged to my best friend this Jan. Our relationship is definitely not a traditional one, coz we have different sexual orientations. This event has made me question various aspects of myself. I wanted to learn more about different attractions. I've stumbled upon this label: panromantic lesbian. Tbh I am not a big fan of labels, but this one really resonates with me. I wanted to learn more from you and understand, if this split is only reserved for aces n if I can call myself a lesbian.

Good morning ☀️ It's been too long since I've last been online here. Just wanted to let you know that I have some interesting toots up my sleeve. 😉

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hey. hey fediverse. let’s play a game.

give me a number from 1 to 1528 and i’ll give you a weird old slang term from that page of “A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English” by Eric Partridge, published 1971, but first compiled much earlier.

boosts encouraged! i’m excited, this book is so entertaining.

Me sitting here trying to work while hugging my mini portable heater. Portuguese houses are not made for winter. Brrrrrr ❄️🥶

Mental Health 

My skin sheds, but my body isn't decomposing.
I lose a lot of blood, but I am not dying.
I am composed of different tissue, but I am not the undead.
Who am I?
Well if you haven't guessed it already... This isn't me, but the physical body that is holding me captive.

Anxiety Thoughts 

I am exhausted. It costs me so much energy to leave my apartment. To talk to a person literally drains the life out of me. Who said I needed social interaction to stay sane. I am already biting my nails, because I cannot bare the thought of having to actually go to the office next year. Can't I just work from home without meeting people in person or am I asking too much here? Is it a bad thing that I am actually enjoying this lock down situation aside from the virus?

Eye Contact | New Hair Color 

I finally did it :_gaysparkle: Vintage pink and peach balayage. Just living my fantasy rn.

I asked for a more playful hair cut, but after 6 hours of color work, she gave me a cute and quick cut instead. My goal is to one day look like this handsome Kaz Kaan character. I'd rock a suit, don't you think? :blobhearteyes: :ablobcatrave:

NSFW - Question 

Is it normal that the orgasms during masturbation is 10x stronger and more intense than the orgasms during sex? Or is it just me?

Just used magick to book a hair appointment during the busiest time of the year. :blobcatsurprised: lol

Happy Announcement 

I've finally decide to officially label myself as non-binary (like also in the physical world) and I've asked my loved ones to use they/them pronouns. Unfortunately the German language doesn't have an equivalent to that, which means my happiness was kinda short lived. :oof: Oh well... At least I have a gender-neutral name :heart_nb:

Tooters :_gaysparkle: If you are interested in supporting an educational and fun game on gender, sexuality, bodies and personal boundaries, go over to Kickstarters and look for Sibel's Journey. The game is created by Food For Thought and they are excited to get their project online - foodforthought.media/

I should be working right now, but my mind is racing. Which reminds me...

Happy Winter Solstice everyone. ✨

Longest and darkest night of the year is right around the corner. :blobmelt:
I am having the most visceral reaction just thinking about all the ways I can spend this beautiful time of reflection.

Side Note: We have the First Quarter Moon 🌗 tonight. So if you're into this, you can take advantage of it by taking action and working harder on the intentions you've set during the New Moon.

Hi :blobmelt: :_gaysparkle:
You can call me Moon. I am 24 and my pronouns are she/her/hers :heart_pan:
I enjoy many things: anime, knitting/crochet, witchcraft, sustainability, languages, vegan food (hardcore foodie), water sports, gaming (LOL)... This list could go on forever, because I am interested in many things :blobpats:
I am also a Third Culture Kid. Looking forward to becoming a part of mastodon.lol community :heart_pride:


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