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imo ppl should live near me bc i am cool and can make popcorn

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i am unhinged. dangerous. i have put fourteen pairs of vans on the walls and i do not intend to stop there.

asserting dominance on my dog (calling him a cute baby man and petting him gently)

javascript isn't real 

JavaScript? how about u JustSee past what they want u to think (!!)

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javascript isn't real 

no really who tf uses javascript? it's all typescript this, purescript that, elm over here, webassembly over there, how about you react to vue-ing the evidence you damn sheep (!!)

imo ppl should live near me bc i am cool and can make popcorn

being responsible sucks, i hate caring about my grades

worst sentence i've ever read 

An Iconic Legisign (e.g., a diagram, apart from its factual individuality) is any general law or type, insofar
as it requires each instance of it to embody a definite quality which renders it fit to call up in the mind the idea of a like object. Being an Icon, it must be a Rheme. Being a Legisign, its mode of being is that of
governing single Replicas, each of which will be an Iconic Sinsign of a peculiar kind

i am making waifus with stable diffusion

by waifus i mean crabs

if you think about it, horseshoe crabs are just roomba-ified facehuggers


completely realistic automata for baseless definitions

Gender and genre have the same root and in some languages are the same word, with this in mind i present to you: sub genders

are there any cool spectre proofs of concept that just work out of the box against a modern linux with mitigations=off ?
how do i explain to the bad bitches that i know C++ in a constexpr unique_ptr way and not a 2006 boost qobject ifndef my_header way

very cursed & moderately nsfw shitpost 

Launching 34 & Me, the platform where we analyze your DNA and show you porn of your ancestors.

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