I've got my second go at my Mod1 motorbike test tomorrow. I failed my first time out in the u turn. Wish me luck.

If I fail this time, might switch schools. I had an hour practise session on Saturday and they only spent fifteen minutes at the end working on the part that I failed on. Not even to the point where I could nail it reliably.

And that's another cool fellow trans woman ghosted me on Lex. Still better than the other apps where my non mono ass just doesn't get any matches.

My girlfriend was teasing me about being a typical geeky demiwoman, like of course I am on Mastodon, or boutique Twitter as she put it. I teased her about being a LARP nerd before talking about my first ever character.

The job I was assured I had, has fallen through. One working day after I visited the site. Supposedly someone had a "gut feeling" about me. Methinks that feeling was queerphobia, ageism and misogyny.

I'm about to be a bad decision bear and kinda want to be talked out of this decision... For reference, I'm technically unemployed but I have a conditional job offer, and other interviews ongoing.

I haven't got my full bike license yet, and I want to drop 50% of my savings on a bike I can't ride (yet), but one that I've wanted for years. So... Do I drop the hammer or let it slide?

I'm headed in for my second go at my motorcycle theory test. Last time I missed it by just one point, so wish me luck!

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The #Jubilee is set to cost taxpayers approx 1Billion whilst workers use #FoodBanks. Tons of plastic bunting/ crowns/ flags/ cups etc will be thrown in landfill after celebrations when we're facing a #ClimateEmergency. It's time to grow up, get real and #AbolishTheMonarchy

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Thanks to 23andMe I've now found my birth mother. I was adopted through the now defunct Mormon social services.

I've always known I was adopted but all the stories I've been told about my adoption are lies. I don't know if these are lies from the church or my adoptive parents, but the more likely culprit is the fucking cult I escaped from.

UK pol 

I know for many people the choices are pretty rubbish, but I would still urge you to get out and vote for any progressive party you can

why does an autism diagnosis take so goddamn longggg


Remember UK peeps, it's local elections today.

Send a clear message that the conservatives need to go. Local elections have chronically low turnout, so if you don't normally vote, now is your chance to be heard. Show this government that they lost the culture war.

You have no other way of sending a message to @BorisJohnson for the next few years.

Today is your referendum on the @Conservatives nationally.

Send a message.

Vote the Tories out.

#LocalElections #LocalElections2022

For those of you who are or have been on Twitter, what is the status of your Twitter account? #poll

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

That's it, I'm done with Twitter entirely. Deactivated my account and everything. People trying to dox me for taking a stand against bigotry disguised as "edgy humour".

Yes I will miss mutuals, but they're not worth the hurt

celebrating may the fourth by watching phineas and ferb star wars

Just found out I missed out on a job that paid double what I've ever earned, because I didn't brush up on my C++ before the interview. It's totally my fault, I haven't used my core competency in almost two years now. I shouldn't have let it get to this state.

Motherfucking bird site. No context, just MOTHERFUCKING bird site being shit.. Just more shite than usual.

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