Early morning yesterday I took a tiny smidge of LSD, stepped out my front door, and took myself on a 15km walk to the edge of the Peak District

Occasionally accompanied by Alan Watts talks

I walked from Hillsborough to Bradfield. When my grandma was pregnant with my dad, in 1941, they went on holiday to see relatives in Bradfield. We have a photo - technically the earliest photo of my dad

I've never liked living in Sheffield - it was the raft I cling to as a bipolar storm wreaked havoc on my life, tore apart my job and my home and my future plans. It's not Sheffield's fault that I associate it with that pain, but I do, and in my unkinder moment I despise this place

But I can also walk out of my front door, and within 20 mins be walking among hills, and dry stone wall

Not necessarily out to the Peaks, but just over a couple of postcodes. In one direction, woods and hills; in two others, river valley. And I've really got used to that

I've applied for a job Elsewhere. Even tho it's higher pay, I'll end up with substantially less cash for savings. But Elsewhere has an actual gay scene, and culture, and a real city buzz. I could be out of Sheffield, with it's discoloration of disappointment and loss, its bitter tang.

But I'd also be far far away from being able to just step out of my front door, and to the woods


I don't think I'm usual, in gay men my age, to have a pretty fragmented identity. I spent most of my adolescence crushing my sexual self and wondering why I felt so isolated. Then I came out and initially embraced the gay scene full on, mainlining it onto my soul, the answer to all my grief and woe. Of course, it wasn't the answer, and my sense of self became even more fractured and confused

I grew up in a little village, and as a teenager whenever I felt miserable and lost I'd go walking alone in the woods. We were a camping, hiking family, my dad a geologist, and we'd go walking on the hills, him pointing out features of the land, the old hills. And that's really where my soul still is, I think

Gay scenes necessarily only form on urban centres, and usually in large urban centres. The Gay Scene is ultimately an urban scene. And the parts of the scene I gel with - the kinkier, grimier, queerer parts - I do enjoy, a hell of a lot! And I don't do Grindr hookups, I need face to face introductions, which means in Sheffield there's.... not much opportunity for me to even exist as a sexual person. That side of me has just... mostly evaporated

Which is all to say...

I can see the attraction of Elsewhere. I've lived a big gay urban life before and it was FUN and it was dangerous, and now older and wiser I know I could have more fun and don't need the danger. I do... I do *want* that

But also I think, in this place I've never quite taken to, I overlook the preciousness, to me, of being so close to being so far away

I'm applying for the job. But, if they offer, I'm not sure I'll accept

Lewd, crude 

I would really like to be getting a LOT more dick tho and honestly, my main way of doing that was always in a darkroom, and occasionally with fuckbuddies. But for fuckbuddies to happen you need to have a gay social scene and gays don't manifest in woodland*

*Hampstead Heath doesn't count

Lewd, crude 

@anandamide ngl we need a queer kinky green commune.

Lewd, crude 

@Buster @anandamide@mastodon. ok, lets do it. im willing to learn carpentry and building

Lewd, crude 

@bootblackcub @Buster I’ll run all our tech and learn the more electrical engineering side of things to keep us connected to the rest of the world. I can’t tell you how into this I am. ^_^

Lewd, crude 

@kolbychez @bootblackcub we've got builders, I can plaster, we've got leatherworkers. Just need a roofer.

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