I have a cheap hotel room and a mirror and I'm not afraid to use them

Body stuff, thirst trap 

This was me yesterday after a workout. The lighting in the gym always picks out my abs but they're not normally that visible, and I have a definite roll of fat on my hips and back, plus my pecs still sag, which frustrates me

God even writing that while looking at that image makes me realise I'm being ridiculous

Am I being ridiculous?

I'm being ridiculous. I took the selfie cos I'm amused with how jacked I look. But even so I see all the bits I wish looked better


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Yes but I'm not, am I? I'm very much a bottom, as my profile makes *very clear*

Not necessarily out to the Peaks, but just over a couple of postcodes. In one direction, woods and hills; in two others, river valley. And I've really got used to that

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I've never liked living in Sheffield - it was the raft I cling to as a bipolar storm wreaked havoc on my life, tore apart my job and my home and my future plans. It's not Sheffield's fault that I associate it with that pain, but I do, and in my unkinder moment I despise this place

But I can also walk out of my front door, and within 20 mins be walking among hills, and dry stone wall

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I walked from Hillsborough to Bradfield. When my grandma was pregnant with my dad, in 1941, they went on holiday to see relatives in Bradfield. We have a photo - technically the earliest photo of my dad

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Early morning yesterday I took a tiny smidge of LSD, stepped out my front door, and took myself on a 15km walk to the edge of the Peak District

Occasionally accompanied by Alan Watts talks

Squats felt awful / amazing and I think I burst a few blood vessels. Definitely tasting iron 👀

I get the impression my deadlifts are weak compared to my squats?

Also I need to do ab work more because I'm oddly competent at isolating the muscle group and I *pop* afterwards

Nearly skipped the gym but glad I went. Wore my lifting gloves and felt sexy.

Buffalo Bill absolutely killing the drag king look in this 1953 Annual


Oh hey I found a hotel then I lost my clothes

And then I found hashtags


Just loving my look rn

Give it a few months and I'll have proper stubble like a real boy 🥰

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Oh hey I found a hotel room and lost everything but my pants

Then I lost my pants

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