one of these days i'm going to convince someone to start exchanging messages with me using a one-time pad. not to talk about anything especially secret. i just want the thrill of making and picking up dead drops in public, deciphering code with pencil and paper, and maybe using a cool code name

like what if instead of catching pokémon in a wild encounter you would instead have to pass a bunch of speech checks to convince them to voluntarily join up with you. and they might decide to leave your team whenever. and any pokémon on your team could just opt out of fighting any given others, out of fear, pity, their personal ethical code, or just because

pokémon hammer/sickle

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the story in pokémon black/white had so much potential to explore and criticise the power dynamics between trainer and mon. real missed opportunity there.

then again maybe handwaving the whole thing as "team plasma were being manipulated" was done to prevent the implications of the entire central mechanic of the game from being undermined

frantically searching "how to tell if you're a boltzmann brain" on wikihow

I cant promise I wont make worse history jokes than this. Pls bear with me

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stand-up comedian living in Anatolia in 1200 BC:

"And what's the deal with the Sea People? Wherrre do they come from? Whyyy do they call them that? They dont stay on the sea! How can they call themselves that when they keep landing! Get back out to sea!!"

walking through the lobby of this doctor's office, i met a very old woman i know waiting her turn. as we said hello to one another, the chorus to Men At Work's "Who Can It Be Now?" began playing from her purse and when i realised it was her ringtone i nearly died

schools be like:
today we're gonna learn about online privacy *opens chrome on windows*

the cat who sometimes drops into our bathroom window with a "prrrt" and naps for 5 hours in our cottage before leaving again is living a life i aspire to

Yes that makes 2 selfies in a row

I actually feel ok about my appearance for the first time in ages, thank you for indulging me

Eye contact (part 2!) 

Got an actual professional dye job and had my hair cut & styled into something other than "long".

well it was close but the results are in.

looks like most of you would prefer to deal with a single multi-dimensional horror once a year than confront 100 Escher-esque shapes every day.

which, you know, fair.

Since Tusky seems to be cutting off the ends of the sentences in the voting options (on my end at least), they are:

One Calabi-Yau manifold once a year


One hundred non-orientable surfaces every day

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choose your opponent

in order to open your refrigerator, you have to fight:

Katterna kommer att vara heavily featured, möt Hestia och Artemis, #mastocats extraordinaire:

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