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It gets better because he's going on about the radical left want to make us believe there's no differencr between men and women and all that repub fear mongering.

How do people not believe he's pretty much the textbook definition of rampant conservatism.

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Lmao mom fell asleep on a Peterson podcast.

He's going on about higher rates of depression and anxiety in women is because they're inherently magnetic to bad emotions and treatment.

Bitch whaaaaaaat

USpol, fam 

Had a discussion with brother and mom and Elon Musk came up and I called him a spoiled brat, which nth I do still think he is.

Mom started saying I was attacking Musk and she can't stand the discourse of calling people racist and homophobic or sexist. And I had to bite my tongue. Trump is racist, Carlson is racist. That's a provable fact now.

Also came out that I don't feel good about jobs and companies not caring about ppl and got told "that's just the way the world is" ???? No??

New favourite artist: Intellectual Dark Wave. Found them from an Eyeball Zone and I'm glad I took that chance.

Holy shit!!!!! An actual Youtuber who is polyam!!!!! I didn't know Youtubers could survive being polyam on such a hostile website! This is amazing!

Also sign me the fuck up for a polyam leftist who's talking about the right and 'cuck'

"Your value as a lefty does not hinge on whether or not you can change Gabe's mind."

god I need to hear that. Thanks Innuendo Studio.


Finally able to watch the Unfit documentary on Trump. I'm glad that its finally available.


Hey can we talk about if Andrew Scott's Moriarty is good or good representation? I've been watching hbomberguy's Sherlock video essay again and I have thoughts. Gattis and Scott are, in fact, gay. Did they just think that gay and psycho was enough of a character development?

Did they read the original books and thought it would've been a cool character path? Or something you COULD read into?

I have my own thoughts and the way I see Jim isn't tied inherently to Scott's.

questionable family drama 

I can tell the effect my family has on me, because when I hear a fantastic joke about Trump or how fragile men are, instead of laughing at the actual good joke I get worried and cringey.

I love Hannah Gadsby but when her jokes about TMNT and "fragile male egos" I start to panic because it might set someone off on a rant.

it's not really a big deal but yanno. im a weenie.

Hey fediverse, does peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches sound good to you?

Redistribute wealth. Make essential needs free.

travels in okc 

So I've actually been supported by bf to go out on dates and hookups and stuff. Amazing guy honestly, dunno what I did to deserve him.

But one of the first guys I had a match with legit just found someone before I messaged. big oof.

I'm not sure how this is going to eventually turn out, but worth a shot.

Also, I'm not sure how many people end up in LTR through this site. Then again that's not what I'm looking for.

I don't understand people who openly love the Queen of England or Thatcher. Why? Is it just everyone wants the fancy hats and palaces?

Seriously, The Crown is just another painting on the 'Downton Abbey' canvas.

".....teams up with Rafe Adler who's a smaller, angrier Nathan Drake" OI THATS NO FUCKING TRUE CJNDNEJDNWNJSNDNMEMEMSMS DONT SAY SHIT LIKE THAT.

Hey so what's the point of okcupid if you can't see who likes you? Dumb site. Too expensive.

"13 Evil Achievements for Heartless Bastards" has two moments from Assassin's Creed and it is hilarious.

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