Me if I got into an argument on here: "Your toot is moot."

computer: wof wof!
me: *types in regex*
computer: wof! *runs off*
computer: *comes back with matching strings*
me: G'boy! *pets lovingly*

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DRM stands for:

D - Pirating
R - Is
M - Cool

Getting close and intimate with my friend Python at 3:00

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@astamite I'll have you know I am both trash and a treasure!!

My various body parts hurt for different and unrelated reasons.


quantity of spoons has no bearing on validity

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From each according to, like, what you can do and stuff, and like, to each according, uh, what do you need? You should get that, you know?

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I wanna do a remake of one of my childhood games

Thinking about how someone made a working turing machine in powerpoint using animations, proving in principle that powerpoint violets iOS app store policy on emulators

Working from home, am I supposed to have my own fire drills?

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lol the brooklyn center police union head said the mayor is being "controlled by political activists", god forbid that the mayor be answerable to the people in his community and not the fucking fascist pigs

The normal way to watch TV shows:
1. not paying attention while looking at phone
2. only watching the first 5 minutes before falling asleep

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