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:blobcat_aww:​ I released a very niche piece of software to solve a very me problem: Quickly switching between #PulseAudio sound cards on Linux!

It's only a prototype, but it works for me, so consider it abandoned finished :blobhyperthink:
Still, if you have any questions or issues, I might have a look 👀

Sci-fi concept: hypospace. Can't go fast, but you can take all the time you need.

(I'm probably not the first with this idea)

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@prehensile remember at uni talking to a philosophy student who got a gig with a digital security firm. He described authentication as essentially a philosophical question: "who are you, *really*?"

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Random language fact 

@tobi "herfst" has the same origin as English "harvest", and the Dutch word for harvest "oogst" comes from "Augustus". They basically swapped places!

Pretty sure I caught this thing days before it'd have toppled over from the weight of the leaves. That'd have been a very me way to go.

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You can crosspost between Mastodon and Twitter in either direction using various third party sites.

When crossposting is switched on, it means when you post on Mastodon it will also be posted on Twitter (or vice versa).

This can be controversial if you're just mirroring your Twitter account to Mastodon without interacting on Mastodon at all. Some servers specifically ban such "zombie accounts".

However, if you're mainly active on Mastodon and mirroring it to Twitter there's no controversy at all.

There are many free open source crossposting services and sites including @crossposter at and @moaparty at

#Mastodon #Twitter #Crossposting

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selling a barely used headset (that is too small for my big-set head 😔), Germany & EU 

Oh, I forgot to attach a picture!

Like I said, amazing color scheme xD

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us sitcom exasperation 

The laugh track (and yes, even if it's a live audience it's a laugh track once it's been recorded, ya nerds) goes completely wild when Kyle enters the stage dressed as Vanessa and exclaims "where's my wine!"

I kind of figured my off-ramp would be somewhere around here, with - apparently - Allen's full-throated support for Trump right around the corner. But this is such a weird dive.

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us sitcom exasperation 

I've been watching Last Man Standing, a US sitcom featuring Tim Allen, which pretty clearly has a Republican slant. It's been .. ok, mostly, a lot of it is genuinely funny and if I'm being generous I can read some of the political bits are making fun in either direction.

Just reached one of the top-rated episodes on IMDB and it's just everyone mocking each other relentlessly and it might be my breaking point.

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and one about how one the bigger mac game developers of the 90s flubbed their payment processing so they could take credit card payments

payment providers didn't have a business category for selling software digitally, so they registered as a bodega

at one point they paid a contractor who turned out to be a NASA engineer as his day job

it turns out the FBI gives you serious side-eye if you're a "bodega" based in a residential suburb and send thousands of dollars to NASA engineers

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whenever i hear, "the only way to create real relationships is in person" as a response to why we need to pretend covid is over, it just lets me know that they never needed to turn to the internet to find your people because the people in your "real" life were intent on hurting you, making your "real relationships" built on fear, ostracization, and hopelessness but go off i guess

Bought a Set deck, played a few rounds, and then I had the obvious impulse.

Feel like I performed a ritual of some sort here.

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can't help but think the concept of "I need to come out" comes from a desire to explain yourself for not aligning with social expectations that shouldn't exist in the first place.
why should I explain myself or give a name to the way I feel about myself and others? do I owe them that? certainly not..

stuck between "would like to have a (laser) printer" and "absolutely don't want to make room for it"

why are physical things so big!

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The oracle - stony, pale, impassive - sat all alone except when addressing the selected few with vague answers to their worries.

I attended these drafty chambers, cleaning or bringing her daily meal.

I peppered her with small-talk or flirtations - a smile would flutter over her lips though it quickly melted away to a cool, placid mask.

"In the future, I will kiss you," she predicted one day, her cheeks rose tinted.

It was worth the wait.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Y'ever cook something from a cookbook and when you're done you really wish there was a photo because This Can't Be It, Surely

brought to you by the fennel & goat cheese I'm eating right now. It's... as OK as a mostly-fennel dish will get, but it looks drab as heck

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a catio except it's the entire house is called a

(I'm fine, it doesn't hurt to put weight on it, just a lot of swollen fleshy bits)

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