Made lasagna and while eating it all I could think was "this ain't ~that~ good". Why do i bother with stuff that takes over an hour to make when some fried tofu and rice with chili sauce tastes 100x better and takes like 10mins to cook. And is cheaper too.

There are ppl who care more about the economy than the health (both mental and physical) of their fellow human beings and that makes me sad and angry.

Fall is here so it's time to listen October Rust in its entirety again. πŸ‚πŸ‚

I just want to skate and play games and listen to music but capitalism keeps getting in my way.

My friends phone keeps sending google notification "how was the pizza?" everytime we talk about getting a pizza. If my phone did that I would probably just throw it into fire lol.

tried to ollie today for the first time. didn't succeed but learnt a ton.

I usually make oven baked food only. It's just so simple. Just prep it and put it in the oven. No need to stir it or stand next to it to make sure it doesn't boil over and shit.

If a recipe requires using 3 different pots or pans it's just like... damn why u make this so complicated bro.

Me: *creates a twitter account* well this seems fun! let's follow that and that and see what--

Twitter: please enter a phone number bleep bloop

Me: ....aight, imma head out *delete*

skateboarding is fun because i can do it on my own terms. i don't have to follow anyone's schedule, i am free to learn and experience it as i please.

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