What is it called when a band gets all of their friends together and they start singing in a chorus (usually during the chorus of a song) and it makes you cry because you want to be a part of something that special?

Sometimes I wish that there was a way to resolve my feelings and thoughts in the same way that a web browser resolves a web address. You type in the name of the thing you want (Wikipedia.org, for example) and the browser takes a split second to resolve the address and display it for you. I want to state my feelings and have them resolve to an understanding that I can move forward with. But, whenever I try, they just remain disconnected, a bunch of links that don’t connect to anything.

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@bhwilkoff We should chat at some point about the “Conspiracies & Culture Wars” media literacy project medialiteracy.wesfryer.com/con #ConCW I’ve been working on now a couple of years. There could definitely be a student voice #StuVoice / advocacy element to this… #MediaLit #BigTech

school shootings 

After hearing about Beto’s challenge of Gov. Abbot at the school shooting presser, it makes me wonder if we need to literally start showing up at GOP events with “Child Murderer” posters so that no one will forget the folks that are actually responsible for a lack of gun control (doing nothing while in power, etc.). In the same way that I believe in abortion rights as essential healthcare, I believe in a child’s right to live and go to school without fear of being gunned down.

Remember that you will die.

What will you do to make the world better before you do?

Instead of “saying gay,” this valedictorian talked about “having curly hair”. There is a bravery here by this 18 year old and a whole lot of cowardice on the part of elected and school officials who sought to silence him. Why should talking about curly hair be any less objectionable to talking about being gay? It is absurd and it will cause real harm. Let’s say gay for him and every other person in Florida who cannot. reddit.com/r/nextfuckinglevel/

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@humanetech Yeah, I'm saying it facetiously and it's not just the Fediverse (I set up a co-op in 2016!)

It's more like I've found my people. And they're not funded by VCs 😂

I never feel so powerful as when I am walking around Costco with my headphones in, music turned up to 11. Today’s insight is brought to you by the most basic dad in Denver.

I really do love stop podcasting yourself. This episode in particular: overcast.fm/+PBC8JPQXI

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interviewer: can you explain the big gap in your employment history?
me: can you explain the big gap between what your CEO gets paid and what your workers get paid?


How to ShitProtest:
* Choose your meme/idea/image/video of choice as your own “spirit animal.”
* Choose your target:
* Hashtag
* Political Figure
* Concept (CRT, “Pro-life”, etc.)
* Post as much as you can, making as little sense as you can.

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It would be like the K-pop Stans taking over hashtags (h/t @StevenSavage) but it would be targeted at specific individuals and ideology.

Anywhere that misinformation, misogyny, or fascistic sentiment exists, so too will the “Shitprotestors”. They will make your Twitter incomprehensible. They will make your Facebook feel like a foreign land. They will use their understanding of how to build followings and hijack conversations to make them into nothing but noise.

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What if the only way to combat misinformation on dominant online platforms is to make those platforms utterly unusable? What if the only way to combat right-wing extremism is to recruit a literal army of young people who understand their own memes and hyperbolic media saturation and simply have them respond to any message from a given target with a torrent of nonsense.

After creating my full Birdsite archive on GitHub (bhwilkoff.GitHub.io) and paying for a Tweet Deletion service to clean out everything, I have now changed my Banner Picture to the following. Does anyone have any other good/better examples of protesting via (now) defunct Birdsite profiles?

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I wonder if we need to have an “identifying and combating misinformation” class in every high school. It seems like we would be able to help inoculate a generation against fascism by teaching the modern (eternal) skill of critical thinking.

You know that moment when you’re listening to dashboard confessional in the car and screaming as loud as you can to the lyrics you learned when you were 16. And you start crying super hard so you have to pull over next to a park where your youngest of three sons had a soccer game earlier in the same day. That.

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That's a super long answer but I wanted to acknowledge I see it.

There are multiple things on my timeline but we all need to be looking to organizations like Planned Parenthood and NARAL to help the immediate, talk to as many people as you can about showing up at protests, marches, demonstrations, etc. I think economic boycott action may be required.

We also have to work to get more people voting. We are in the majority but haven't voted like it and now the GOP controls far too many state legislatures.

Fight disinformation, stay unified with fellow people who feel like you do, and expect a serious fight.

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Hiya, I'm Stephen Downes, I've been a member of Mastodon since 2016. I'm probably best known for my OLDaily newsletter about online learning and new media. I'm also known for my work on MOOCs, on learning networks, on open education, and variety of related topics. I tell people that I work at the point where philosophy, journalism, education and computer science intersect. My degrees are in philosophy and I have worked for the National Research Council of Canada since 2001.

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