People in the UK complaining about the heat, I love you but this weekend is the first time since moving here I've felt like leaving the UK was an error.

Anyone else ever get to that point where the shit you have to do builds up so much that you realise you need to make a to-do list to take some of the pressure off your meagre brain but then making a to-do list just becomes another thing you need to do so you just sit in a rocking chair staring blankly out the window slowly shovelling crisps into your gaping mouth while they spill pathetically onto your shirt because chewing has become too complex a task for your burnt-out hollow skull to handle?

Pretty sure all the opposition to home working is coming from people who don't have pets. She's living her best life right now.

"Hey Google, remind me on Sunday evening to take out the recycling."


"Can we get Monster Munch?"
"We've got Monster Munch at home."

Monster Munch at home:

Wild how people who spend real money on links to pictures of cartoon monkeys keep getting scammed.

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Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid to be who you are.
Don't be afraid to show your true colours.

Today we reaffirm our commitment to advance a #UnionofEquality.

A Union of equal rights and freedoms, where diversity is celebrated as richness.


Another minor impact of Brexit. 

Our TV is permanently connected via a UK VPN because that's mostly what we watch, but our Amazon Prime Video account is German so effectively we'd be using it "abroad". See this screenshot from Amazon's help pages about this.

Being British and living in Germany I see impacts all the time, but they're only ever annoying. Like the time when I could only import spicy Wotsits, not the cheese ones. Makes you realise what a big waste of time and money it all is.

We've made ourselves a quaint little music space. Unfortunately all but two of my records are in another country, but listening to those two was nice.

I fancied a change of scenery. Looks nice here. 🙂

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