*attempting to sit up straight without back support* ow oh fuck I literally have no core muscles

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👏 Not 👏everyone 👏 is 👏 Hetero!!!

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me when the me when the me when the me when the me when the me when the me when me the me when the

Mental health, money issues 

In reference to my meltdown yesterday: I got back into therapy recently and my counselor got me set up to do an ADHD evaluation. This was very good news. Then I heard back from my insurance that it isn't covered and it's OVER $1500 out of pocket which is horrifying. I got very upset bc I really think I do have ADHD and I think getting treated for it would decrease the frequency of me fucking up my life and idk when if ever I'd even be able to afford to get the test

music theory 

I'm sure this won't make sense to a lot of you I just needed to ✨express✨

Also yes I am a music nerd, I have hid this for several months but I have exposed myself here. Will I post more music content in the future??? I cannot speak to literally anything future me does (that bitch is emotionally unstable and impulsive af) but maybe!

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music theory 

I've been telling this story for a couple years of my old music theory teacher telling us a I-iii chord progression Doesn't Sound Good and then playing a repeating I-iii on the piano and it was the INTRO TO HALLELUJAH, a very good and well regarded song so obviously he was wrong

And I JUST REALIZED Hallelujah's intro is actually I-vi and idk how I fucked that up (I could play it so I knew the chords???) and it's fucking with my mind. I am embarrassed. I told this to so many people

Mental health, existentialism 

Genuinely not sure I exist anymore. Like physically I do. But psychologically? She empty

Mental health 

incredibly, dramatically, horrifyingly depressed

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Starting 2021 with a raging migraine, very on brand for me ✨

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You should show the world what you're working on. They'll love it.

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Think it's kinda fucked up how reagan kept putting his kink into policy proposals. Just cause you're calling it "the private sector" doesn't mean we don't all know what you're talking about

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girls are cute

boys are cute

genderless is cute

genderfluid is cute

people are cute


ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᶜᵘᵈᵈˡᵉ ᵐᵉ

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me? have a crush on someone? in this economy? it's more likely than you think

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If someone is into you romantically because "you don't know you're beautiful," it's for the same reason that an employer will hire you because they think they can underpay you.

Ooo fun, time to play my favorite game; "how long will my migraine last this time?"

(spoiler the answer is Too Long)

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Yes I COULD theoretically do work, or something that brings me joy but, what if, and here me out, what if-
instead I just felt overwhelmed :)

Just an American not wanting to go to bed tonight because I am STRESSED THE FUCK OUT OH MY GOD

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