"yeah I'm a gay male" *has invasive thoughts about wanting to be a hot goth girl*

kinda fucked up that there's a bunch of pretty places in the world i will never be able to visit without being executed

SF has a housing problem, but it also has 5 private golf courses. I have a modest proposal

drag queens are the reason why I was too scared to come out as trans until I was 19. like, I never felt 100% comfortable in a male body, but I didn't wanna be a hyper-flamboyant caricature either. I didn't know I could even transition until I saw some posts from a trans fursuiter I used to follow on twitter before it turned to shit.

Here is my statement about recent drama:

science is real
black lives matter
love is love
no human is illegal
pleroma-fe is a good frontend

if that offends you, you need a history lesson.

Without capitalism we would never have to worry whether someone likes us or is just trying to sell us something.

Hey. Everyone. Stop fucking being ableist. I don't care about any excuses. Stop being ableist.

I see some disabled people being ableist, too. This post is also for those people.

fedi drama & Social Issues 

been on Mastodon for almost 2 Month now and I'm getting the feeling that fedi has even more drama than twitter which is impressive really. Not criticizing this btw. most drama on here revolves around important issues that need discussing. Even if it's just so that people like myself can simply observe and learn. Because lets face it we're not gonna change deep social issues with internet drama, ranting and online discussions.

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