🎂​:blobfoxreach: happy birthday Julian Assange !

I hope you wont mind if I snug you...

formerly-straight bi trans girls be like
"sorry I'm into guys more tbh"
*has lesbian sex a month later*

i want a blåhaj but the closet ikea that has it in stock is all the way in atlanta :(

Italian Mobster: "You better talk or you'll sleep with the sharks"
Trans Girl: "Fuck yeah I can spend the night at IKEA?"

vibe of “person who has something going on with their gender”

trans people and enbies are hotter all around.
I'm sorry, that's just how it works. I don't make the rules

"oh you're neurodivergent? you should go into
C O M P U T E R S"

Did you know that being old is not an excuse for being a racist cunt?


the feeling when you get one of your friends to finally start hormones 😅

really wish I could go back in time and convenience myself I was trans so I could play with barbie dolls and all the other toys the girls played with.

to be completely fair, I MUCH preferred teddy bears and "cute" toys over action figures and wrestling toys as a kid, but had I known that I didn't HAVE to stay a boy my whole life, things might've been SO much better than they are now.

When you pull off a combo and get diagnosed with PTSD, DID, and Gender Dysphoria in the same sitting

New study suggests that space tourism has the potential to not only aggravate global warming at a disproportionate scale, but also to cancel the last decades' recovery of stratospheric ozone.


As usual, billionaires don't play on the same league, whatever you do, they can do worse (probably 500 times worse with each go, in this case).

Direct paper link is agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.co

#science #space #climateChange #globalWarming #ozone #billionaires

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