is it bad that my ringtone is the radio song from portal?

Its weird how you build a picture of a person's face underneath their mask in your head, and then, when they take off their mask, their real face doesn't match the face you imagined.

Me: *names something "tmp"*

Me, three weeks later: Hmm, it's called "tmp", so presumably I can delete it, but what if it's something important?

Am taking a sociology class. I think its interesting how we linguistically shorten "class with lower income" -> "low income class" -> "lower class" by default

This shift is implying that people who have less income are "lower" in an absolute sense, than people with higher incomes


To compensate for my recent gloomposting, I will hereby tell a joke to right the balance of energies in the fediverse

Two wind turbines are standing in a field. One says to the other: "What kind of music do you like?" The other one says: "I'm a big metal fan"

"hold on for one more term" "hold on for one more year" "hold on for three more years"

how much longer can I hold on?

you know how you leave a system alone because it "works for now" and you promise to come back later to make it less fragile before it bites you in the ass.

I got bitten in the ass

i have a million things to do but i dont know what to do so i'll just do nothing and feel guilty about it later. sounds fun

Its nice to finally be in a physical space with a bunch of smart cybersecurity people

Thank you for the courtesy, but uh, I really don't give a fuck about my car's extended warranty

That feeling when you discover an rce vulnerability in a function you contributed to a public discord bot...

I just feel bad.

So, I have a calculus midterm tomorrow afternoon. Have I studied for it? Nah. Am I confident in the material? Nah.

What's the worst that could happen?

I'm not sure how much traction this'll get on the fediverse, but I've noticed a fair few non-binary people here, and I needed a little bit of advice.

My partner is non-binary, and I just wanted to know if anyone had tips or advice on being the best boyfriend I can be for them.

Thanks y'all!

Good morning all, hope you're having a wonderful day so far. Time for some aeropress coffee

I love that feeling when you're reading a used book and you can read the notes left in the margins by a previous owner.

"Anything below the moon is not important. It's insignificant."

Who were you?

Made my decision, I suppose. Forge on htb is down. Actually really interesting and fun. 9/10

SHA256(root.txt): d68eb7778e3e748d6d7da8ccec489e238a5720192da8c4190d7ac101625f7fc1

Well, I'm behind on all my homework, but I really want to play hack the box.

time to sit here doing neither because of guilt and procrastination...

bad pun 

Why do bears wear fur coats?

Because they look silly wearing hoodies

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