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“Republican men are getting blindsided by their own ignorance in the wake of Roe’s reversal”

> Republican South Carolina state Rep. Neal Collins ... made it clear he never realized the impact the law could have on the life and health of women.

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SC lawmaker chokes up after teen nearly loses uterus due to anti-abortion law he voted for

The thing about the Copilot shift I see people describing, "from writing to reviewing code", is ... look, that only works for one generation. It only works for this one specific generation that knows how to both write and read code. After that, it's just copilot talking to itself. and humans saying, well OK then.

We'd have a lot less wool over our eyes if we called it "automated pattern recognition and repetition". If that's your notion of intelligence, I'm not sure what to say to you.


The world needs more autistic diplomats.

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Marketing is probably with us forever, but advertising is just one specific form of marketing. And I actively look forward to the day when advertising is 100% stone dead as a practice, taught only in history books as a cultural curiosity of the Industrial Era.

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There's a genre of white person who thinks they understand racism because they watched Blazing Saddles.

[Third eye opens]

Gifted and Talented programs are a government project to identify students who can be fast-tracked into subjects and careers that will benefit the military-industrial complex

Like at some point, the G&T programs I was in stopped rewarding my literary/culinary/artistic interests and tried to shuffle all of us into like, robotics

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Also whoops it turns out that early literacy is a result of privilege (had a parent who could devote time to 1-on-1 reading aloud) and not my innate brilliance or whatever

Also I genuinely wonder how many of my early teachers assigned me a Smart Girl role because I've worn glasses since I was 3

This is such a weird, ableist, classist phenomenon. Like sure, I've always had an interest in reading and writing, but there are social reasons that these things were nurtured in me

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Dark shoutout to the American education system for deciding that early literacy made me "gifted" and "talented"

The TSA still requires everyone to remove their shoes, coats, and bags a full two decades after 9/11, but nobody will require masks and boosting to protect disabled people after over 1,031,000 Americans dead from COVID-19.


The "value" of housing only matters to two groups of people: people who need housing but don't have it, and people who think that having three or four AirBNB "investment properties" make you "middle class" and not wealthy beyond most people's dreams.

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As a condo owner, let me be the first to say that I will be *happy* if my condo goes down in value by 50%, because I live in it and its "value" being high is an actively bad thing for me because of property taxes.

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I just saw a Bloomberg article breathlessly criticizing the Fed for "creating distortions in a market where many Americans have their wealth".

Bloomberg, have you considered that housing is supposed to be a place to live and not an investment that outperforms inflation?

Do you know why we have coal?
Because millions of years ago, trees that died and fell over just lay there, while nothing was able to decompose the hard wood they had evolved. The earth was covered in layers of dead trees that nothing could break down. Buried for millions of years, this became coal.
Then eventually organisms like fungi developed the ability to break down hard woods, and so no new coal could ever be laid down. This is why coal is A FUCKING STUPID CHOICE FOR A LONG TERM ENERGY SOURCE


So what I’m hearing here is the FBI got three Common, three Uncommon, four Rare, and one Legendary drop from their raid.



I know this is basically a reverse jacob wohl post but I’m eavesdropping on the conversation of three 60 something white guys at a suburban sports bar and they’re saying that if this nuclear stuff is real then trump should get the chair

"This was Anakin feeling like he had to turn on everyone who loved him because he had gotten lost in the dark and couldn’t admit the terrible things he’d done and was still doing, that they had to agree with him or they were against him..."

Later in fair ISO 9660, VFAT challenges Rock Ridge to a duel, which Rock Ridge smartly refuses, but alas, the hotheaded BFFS is slain when it leapt to the defense of the family honor.

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