An otherwise innocent meme that conveys a specific mood is inherently going to attach itself to the ideologies built around that mood. It doesn't matter how wholesome the origin: a meme about feelings of exclusion will become a Nazi meme. Sorry, Pepe.

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Something like Wojak, OTOH, is riskier regardless of origin because it's used to convey a specific palette of emotions. Ideological groups aren't held together by shared beliefs so much as they are shared feelings.

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Distracted Boyfriend, for instance, has some social meaning contained in the content of the template itself, but it hasn't acquired much of a scent beyond that because it's instanced in very broad ways. There isn't just one topic you're allowed to use the meme for.

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I think I just figured out something key to memetic warfare.

The more distant the connections are between typical uses of a meme, the more difficult it is to co-opt it for a specific ideology.

“Study Shows Transmission of Epigenetic Memory Across Multiple Generations”

How funny would it be if histone methylation turned out to be the inheritance mechanism for the autism/ADHD/OCD cluster?

I bet a histogram of word bigrams would stand out plain as day.

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In particular, I'd guess that groupings by connotation and denotation would be similar in number for both groups, but autists would have more groups based on morphology, phonology, etymology, and so on.

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I bet if you created a fixed standardized list of 50 words and then asked people to create as many groups of words as possible, such that all words in a group have something in common, obvious patterns would emerge between autists and allists.

Language is how memes have sex, in a sense analogous to single-celled organisms undergoing conjugation.

sexual harassment, misogyny 

PSA: "slept her way to the top" is the victim-blaming rephrase of "was coerced by her bosses into sleeping with them for the sake of career advancement, which is textbook sexual harassment".

I'm convinced by A.R. Moxon, who argues (my paraphrase) that the reason things are shitty and not getting better is that there is coordinated, active sabotage of any efforts to fix anything or to even get started fixing things. In other words, it's not neglect or indifference or lack of resources or any of the other excuses that are trotted out. It's that the powers-that-be are working hard to stop even the awareness of problems forming, let alone any efforts to solve those problems.

Random language fact 

@tobi "herfst" has the same origin as English "harvest", and the Dutch word for harvest "oogst" comes from "Augustus". They basically swapped places!

OH: “… when we started working on the data ingest pipeline, we found out he’d been keeping all his lab data in PowerPoint.”


“Years of it.”

“… I don’t even know what you do for a living, it hurt to be standing next to you when you said that.”

Dangerously wrong oxygen readings in dark-skinned patients spur FDA scrutiny

what's the parody/quote unquote "nerd culture" band you listened to when you were younger that you think holds up the best? and which one is the most cringe?

talking like, jonathan coulton, weird al, that sorta stuff. which ones do you think are Still Good and which ones are cringe as hell

Doing a tier list of 2000s novelty/"nerd"/parody bands

thinking about that one tweet that was like "ask a closeted trans girl what superpower she'd want and she'll almost always say shapeshifting. ask her again a couple years into transition and she'll say teleportation and i don't need to explain why"

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