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I've consistently found myself having more fun playing obscure/older fighting games than any mainstream game

first they came for the trannys and like they deserve it so whatever

then they came for reproductive rights and i was so shocked at my face eating tiger allys sudden yet inevitable betrayal

While deleting some old archives, I came across a discussion I saved. It was at an employer in ages past, and started with HR asking me to not look at porn at work, and ended with them agreeing that I shall continue doing what I've been doing, because it is relevant to my job.

The porn? @aphyr's jockstrap selfies. The relevancy? Jepsen.

The thread had a nice collection of evidence, and I chuckled all the way recollecting the whole situation. Fun times.

I'm about half an hour into the Halo TV series, and the only thing I can think so far is how it's just not as good as Forward Unto Dawn.


Last time I did acid, my girlfriend was like "make sure you put your phone in airplane mode, you don't want to be online while you do this"

I didn't listen

And I was totally fine, I was online while I did it and it ruled.

JavaScript ____ make sense and that’s ____

cursed, big yud 

I was trying to type "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" on my phone, and my autocomplete suggestion was... sigh... "Indiana Jones and the Methods of Rationality".

I need a bong hit.

Me, whenever I approach a new piece of software:

Written in Go or Rust? 🎉
Python, C, C++, Lua? 😊
Haskell? 🤔
Ruby? 🤷
JavaScript? 🤦
PHP? 🙄
Java or Perl? 😭

I'm seeing fewer captioned images lately. Please caption?

I finally did a sleep study. There's a very good chance that when the results come back, my doctor will prescribe a CPAP machine, making me a Real Bear™️ 🐻.


My roommate just tested positive for COVID.

He's been out sick from work for 3 days but the tests weren't coming up positive until today. I've had the windows open and the central HVAC fan on all this time, and I bought a HEPA air purifier on Amazon right away on the assumption that he had 'Rona.

So I'm not just lying down and assuming that I can't avoid catching it.

But my odds have never been higher.

The age when we become more responsible than our parents is terrifying.

Democracy represents the rule of all over all, or the rule of the majority over the minority; either way, other people have control over your life, and you over other people's - i.e. it remains a form of authority. So while , especially small-scale direct democracy, can be a useful pragmatic tool, and better than the alternatives, it should never usurp the real goal of : autonomy. Gillis has an amazing essay on this topic:

"We are anarchists because we hold that no one owns the absolute truth, nor is anyone blessed with infallibility; because we think that the sort of social arrangement that should best answer everyone’s needs and sentiments, can only be the result—the always adjustable result—of the free play of all the interested parties..."

I find it interesting that 'pick up artists' are so heavily invested in performative masculinity. All the 'advice' reads as stage direction, blocking, and intonation. It seems, without realizing it, they're the apogee of Butler's theory in practice. The same can be said of the 'alpha/beta' crowd who determine the one right way to perform Male and desperately try to reproduce that conception in their peers. Weird stuff. Makes me want to be more genderless really 😅

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