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Joliet on her balcony:

"Rock Ridge, Rock Ridge, wherefore art thou Rock Ridge?"

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Hey, I'm reasonably certain you'll never have cause to work with high-pressure polynitrogen, but I was curious about your thoughts:

Do jumping spiders dream?

This research suggests they might 😊

(Also: swivelling retinas!)

"The warming trend has tripled since the 1990s, reaching a rate of 0.3℃ to 0.9℃ each decade."

Fediblock rec.: 

Here's a guy who sucks:

Boosting transphobic shit from Spinster, Kiwifarms, poast—


A fantastic blog post on Autistic play – the writer makes lots of connections I hadn’t thought of before 🥰


> OnlyFans bribed Meta to put thousands of porn stars on terror watchlist


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This gets even more insidious once the demand for individual policies falls. Rich people are *also* less likely to be chronically ill, so raising your price makes your policy *cheaper* to service. At a certain point there is so little competition for individual policies that every insurance company can raise the price, which makes the group policies even more comparatively valuable to employers. 3/3

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health insurance 

But if you convince other businesses to buy group policies for their employees, they can pay a discount, because the fact that someone is employed means they're less likely to be chronically ill, so group policies cost less to service. Plus the employers get to add a benefit that ensnares employees. 2/?

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health insurance 

I think I just figured out why US medical insurance sucks so bad.

Imagine if all insurance policies were bought by individual households. Obamacare exists, so you can't refuse to sell a policy nor can you charge more for pre-existing conditions. Due to competition on the open market, you have to set the price just high enough to break even on both your low-cost "healthy" customers and your high-cost "sick" customers. 1/?

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New Google site begs Apple for mercy in messaging war

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"Trending: AGAB"

What did the gerbils do? WHAT DID THEY DOOOO?!?

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Three people critically injured after 'electrical event' at Google Data Center in Council Bluffs

The name "house spider" is a generic term for different spiders including Chiracanthium inclusum, Badumna Insignis, Steatoda grossa, Parasteatoda tepidariorum, among others, so named for their repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and a typical tempo of 120 beats per minute. The species evolved due to selective pressure by Chicago's underground club culture in the late 1970s, as DJs began altering disco songs to give them a more mechanical beat.

You'll notice the people who are most upset about work-from-home are the ones whose only social outlet was a situation where people were forced to interact with them against their will.


Malcolm Gladwell slams working from home: 'What have you reduced your life to?'


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