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Realization: the main utility of blockchain tech is that it presents an irrefutable argument for a wealth tax. If there’s enough bored money rattling around out there to fund obviously negative-sum nonsense like this, we can as a society choose to spend that money on public education, health care and clean running water instead.

Apparently, Kiwifarms got hacked and the e-mail addresses of its member are out in the wild. I wonder if we’ll find some public figures among them…


transmisia and other right-wing crap very visible on their local timeline, and lots of adjacency to a certain hate site. it seems there are quite a few users moving from, another awful instance, to there for some reason.

#FediBlock :fedi_block:

If cryptocurrency prices over the last month were an instrument, they would be a slide whistle.

So the ETH merge happened, and now apparently the process is that… existing holders of large amounts of this currency can now have transactions quickly arranged by a small number of managing systems.

This structure is… familiar, somehow.

PTSD, dissociation, CSA 

Status update:

Um, yeah. From what I can remember so far I'm 99% sure my bio father molested me as a toddler.

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discussion of PTSD and dissociation 

The memory still isn't cracked wide open yet, but the angle I found it was by interrogating my childhood conception of gender and realizing that “boys aren't grossed out by things” was one of the messages my bio father pushed on me.

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discussion of PTSD and dissociation 

So, in personal news, last night I found a repressed childhood PTSD memory. It's my first. I was starting to think I was unable to dissociate via repression, vs dissociating by emotional detachment.

Happy Birthday to the movie Hackers. It was released 27 years ago in 15 September 1995.

You can crosspost between Mastodon and Twitter in either direction using various third party sites.

When crossposting is switched on, it means when you post on Mastodon it will also be posted on Twitter (or vice versa).

This can be controversial if you're just mirroring your Twitter account to Mastodon without interacting on Mastodon at all. Some servers specifically ban such "zombie accounts".

However, if you're mainly active on Mastodon and mirroring it to Twitter there's no controversy at all.

There are many free open source crossposting services and sites including @crossposter at and @moaparty at

#Mastodon #Twitter #Crossposting

Racism in the community 

Always fun* to try to again explain to some white lgbt people that objectifying black men's bodies, especially one body part in particular, is still racist and not in fact a form of antiracism

*not fun at all

“Or as the old KGB joke went about why they operated in teams of three: One could read, one could write and the other was there to keep an eye on the two dangerous intellectuals.”

“How Donald Trump ‘lost one of his biggest fights’”

Article is about the removal of Civil War generals from monuments and building names.

Disclaimer: I am not an economist, and there are depths of modern economics as a field of study that I have not learned, even if I've read enough writing by historic economists that I could debunk Ludwig von Mises in my sleep.

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Two reforms that would drastically improve the stability of the economy:

1. All public securities trades must be in the form of limit orders.

2. No public securities trade may take effect sooner than 24 hours after the trade order is issued.


And by "do they see themselves as", I don't mean "what's in their super secret Christian soul", I mean "what preferences do their actions reveal to the world".

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