Here’s the 2nd asteroid I’ve observed from my backyard in the name of 💪🏻

7335 (1989 JA) is a huge 1 km diameter asteroid that whizzed by Earth on May 27. Luckily it missed us by 4 million km 🫣

@citizen_astro i tried the same but never get a repl from unistellar. Do i have to ask for these cool summaries? I uploaded the data and filled the formular.

@Ansi Are you also in the Unistellar Slack group? That's where the Unistellar scientists post and share results like this with everyone.

@citizen_astro Epic, thank you so much. I filled out the registration and now waiting for the slack invitation. I can't wait to see the results of my observations. Thank you so much!

@citizen_astro Oh no, I am not. I thought I receive an email when they processed my recording. Thanks a lot for this info.

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