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I’m not posting spam I’m *aesthetic* posting. My aesthetic just happens to be internet spam

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I'm surprised nobody has written an init system in JavaScript yet
i'm waking up
to ash and dust
write 'bofa' down
and i ligma nuts

There's no one I hate more than youtubers who forcefully disable the auto captions. What harm do captions do to you? What did I, a person with auditory processing issues do to you? Why is this even a feature in youtube???

combining knowledge across fields is one of the most satisfying parts of being a human

April is in a shitty situation and the gofundme is moving slowly. If you could help I’d appreciate it

create the torment nexus because it would be funny

slower computers, please 

I'm a computer guy, but I'm very much over fast computers. Most of your computer's resources are wasted loading ads and trackers on webpages. Video games require more and more power to deliver less interesting experiences. Don't get me started on cryptocurrency. Computers are getting increasingly complex, therefore less reliable, nearly impossible to repair, wasteful, and devastating to the environment. We need #slowcomputers and more #retrocomputing

Here are 2 of my models for my future Minecraft mod; the Preserver and the Patrol

The Preserver is a Land/Cave Guardian equivalent spawning in lush caves and in amethyst geodes. It has a thorns effect when hit, and lots of extra defense. Its main attack is a long-ranged laser; however, it may swing its arms to push any threats back when someone gets too close.

It drops amethyst crystals and copper nuggets when killed, as well as Amethyst Hearts; A way to
Preserve experience and retrieve it similar to bottles o' enchanting.

The Patrol spawns in ancient cities and will follow the player around making sounds to alert shriekers and any nearby Wardens. It is technically a passive mob, but it is very much a threat when trying to avoid the warden's wrath.

The Patrol Drops Sonic Mass; A throwable item that creates sounds for a few seconds once it hits a target or block. Use this to distract the warden or trap it in a safer area!

so called "free thinkers" when it's

when it's baby nap time

Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

mastodon dot green is classic techbro shit with greenwashing. :blobchef:
buying indulgences doesn't cut it buddy

I remember the creator of blender saying that he wanted work to be done on the renderer but the community worked on modeling tools instead. A good renderer would have been impressive but it was meaningless if people couldn’t create things with it.

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