im in the soul carin trying to find the manager????

for real tho on the serious tho FUCK the nasw 😡

im such an important constituent that i get texts from karl rove on the daily 😏💅🏻 u haters jealous? 😝😭

Bashir,O’Brien,and garak have real frodo-Sam-gollum energy

what if 🤣😂we linked ⛓😮😮😳in my quarters 💛💛😮on DS9😏😮(and we were both changelings🤭🤔😳😳??????)

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"Michael Bae uwu"--*immediately dies in a gigantic controlled explosion*

you: Alternate universe dr. Bashir
me: Nasty Julian

that rush of serotonin I get from kissing my cat’s forehead 🤗🤗🤗


Weyoun and Damar just fuck already sheesh the sexual tension is yikes 😳

typed “seven of nine blingee” into duckduckgo and I was not disappointed

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A good meme that references food and CBD 

<This space left intentionally blank>

“ma’am your titties are out” im ma’am

❤️❤️cant wait to outlive Bitch McConnell!!!!!!!🥰

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