How to come out as non-binary in my class...? (Both teachers and classmates) I want it as natural as possible, like saying "I'm a man/woman", but they're quite misinformed and they don't know what non-binary means. I don't want to make an spectacle or anything.

My family said I shouldn't say it in class nor my job, but I refuse to be in the closet anymore, I prefer die than being in the closet.

Need advice. Boosts appreciated.

Apparently having a non-binary flag in my WhatsApp pfp doesn't work. :sadness: :nonbinary_flag:

Bullying mention 

I'm so scared tbh. I don't want to suffer bullying again. My family told me I'll suffer bullying.

@dark Desgraciadamente la bandera es desconocida para los que se mueven fuera de la comunidad LGTB (e incluso dentro). Quizás podrías poner algo de texto para dejarlo claro.

@dark Maybe you could just say that you're NB, what your pronouns are and say that if somebody has questions about it, they only have to ask about it?
Maybe it's easier answer concrete questions than explain all the stuff.

@dark i think you should do what you feel is right to do deep down. this is not always a clear path but sometimes it is. i think you should ask yourself what you are looking for on the other side of being out to your class. is it validation, to be seen as who you really are, or to educate them, or so they could use the right pronouns for you, etc. knowing this can help you determine how and even to whom you wish to come out to.

@dark it’s smart and tactical to consider your safety even though it’s not your fault or responsibility on how they respond. remember you don’t owe anyone your out ness. also you are 100% you without having to explain it to others and also without the validation of others. it sounds like even if your out they may not validate you and that could be more damaging. but only you can say if you want to take that risk or not.

@dark sometimes i like to take lessons from the straight cisgenders and use it against their agenda. one lessons here you could take if it works for you is to just be yourself unapologetically as if it’s the most natural thing to do and needs no explanation, then if they are curious they can ask you. it puts the burden of knowing on them. anyway good luck and much love and support your way. i hope this was helpful and if it’s not that’s fine too.

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