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I am a 22 year old hispanic nonbinary person from texas.
I make noise music & like to draw, write, & play animal crossing in my free time.
I listen to all types of music, read manga , and watch anime or youtube stuff in my other free time..
I’ve moved here from IG because it sucks and I hate it and I have always wanted one of these other platforms to stay active, so hopefully everything goes according to plan.
Pls feel free to DM me, we can b friends :ablobcatrave:

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amazing, i think i might choose River 4 my name instead of a Z name??

hey also if anyone else has a switch lmk that FC 🥴

imagine giving ppl unemployment because they need it and its the only income to keep their house and stay afloat and then disqualifying them and telling them u gave them $1000 too much and to give it back even tho it was used for housing months ago like ok cool very cool of u

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came into this year never dealing with being in debt and leaving this year $1,000+ in debt without ever even going to college 😎

i have the hide nsfw pics on but i unfortunately sTILL saw nudes that had been boosted but weren’t hidden for some reason? how fix?

ppl who don’t drink caffeine r braver than the me.

happy holidays, everyone! boost if u can 🖤
I got paid yesterday, pulled rent aside and now my bank account has $20 in it to last me 15 days 😅 I’m gunna throw out the option in case anyone is able/wants to donate a bit to help tie us over to the next pay week 😅 It would be amazing 🖤
venmo: @dumbbitchhours
cashapp: $dbdbdb1312

like i get that it’s not uncommon for a lot of ppl, including white ppl, to be nervous about confrontation, but whats the worst that can happen to you?? you lose a bad ~friend~ for protecting a marginalized person?? is that even really a loss or something to worry about?

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is it too much to ask for white ppl to stand up for their brown friends? I am not one that’s able to say “hey u r making me uncomfortable the way you are talking about ____” especially if I’m the only one there that’s noT white. All i’m asking is for y’all to at least say “maybe u shouldn’t talk about that until you learn more about it.” or “i recommend reading ___ or going to (website) to find more about it” ;—; help

my household and i got high and went to a car wash tonight to Spice Up Life™️ and i found out i’m kind of terrified of them so here’s a memory from that

she will only sit in this chair if theres a paper lining 🤔

omw to murder Jeff Bezos and redistribute the wealth, y’all need anything?

Austin is really back in stage 5, but watch I bet you anything that people aren’t gonna bat an eye when they come in to buy a fucking burrito tonight and sit in the lobby to eat it with no mask on. Ppl really ask “well, am i allowed to dine in?” Well, I guess bitch but I really wanted you to go home instead. God.

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