So it appears that someone got their hands on a check I wrote recently, and made about $2000 in ACH transactions out of our account.

I'm going back and forth with the guy at the credit union, who is handling this for me.

Being essentially a 12-year-old in a 46-year-old's body, I'm having a really difficult time not laughing hysterically every time he emails me, because his last name is, and I shit you not, his last name is "Wank".

I have so many fucking jokes.


All the money that was stolen, is now back in our account. We know exactly which check was stolen, and how they got it.

It was a $5 check to pay for a trail fee. Forest Service fees are the only things I have written checks for in probably nearly a decade. Unfortunately, there is no other way to pay these fees. You fill out the form on the envelope, put in your check, and slip it into the iron box.

Someone got into the iron box. I've contacted the office that manages that trail.

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@deadtom ugh! Hate that about parks. I’m like please, get a Venmo and QR code

@Dananner That has occurred to me, but two big problems there:

A) Most of the campgrounds and trails we visit are way out of cell range.

B) Would be way too easy for someone to replace the QR code with something malicious.

The current system sucks, but I can't see anything better right now.

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