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Some of my own photography here, from 2018. I haven't done any model work in quite a while. Naturally, this is my favorite model, my SO.

Two of these photos were taken when we snuck into a rental cabin, before the actual renters arrived. We got a lot of great stuff there. I keep thinking I should sneak back in some time, and hang one of these photos on the wall. ;)

One llama has been located. Still on the lookout for the second one.

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This wandering trader is sad because they have lost their llamas. If you have seen them, get in touch with me.

This image came through my feed, and when I first read the bit that he's pointing to, my mind read it as "Metamours are people too".

Naturally, I thought "How fucking weird is that for Spongebob, but also how spot-fucking-on".

NSFW Newdity 

My SO works from home four days a week, which is apparently going to be her permanent schedule.

She seems to be enjoying it.

Alright, so, thorough test performed. This creamer is fucking aweful.


NSFW newdity 

Since I bought her the folding puzzle keeper, this has become an integral part of her waking up routine.

Each Memorial Day weekend, my family has this big get-together at a remote lake, about an hour and a half north of us. My family has been gathering at this same location, every year, since the 1930's.

This year, my cousin's girlfriend got hold of me a few weeks beforehand, and we conspired to get these photos of her proposing to my cousin, on the docks, at sunset.

Lots of lens flare, even with the lens hood, but they came out pretty well.

Dammit. Our favorite game shop didn't survive the pandemic. :(

This is my random pic bot, sharing a random photo I took recently.

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