It looks like I have tomorrow off.
I see lots of Minecraft streaming happening, tomorrow.

One llama has been located. Still on the lookout for the second one.

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This wandering trader is sad because they have lost their llamas. If you have seen them, get in touch with me.

All done streaming, for now. Maybe catch me next time on Owncast, at

I'm streaming on Owncast, at Playing a little Minecraft on my friends and family server.

I finally got to play a bit last night. Thrilled with The Wild Update. As usual, the bitching and moaning is in full force in the forums. That's always the case, though. I've been playing since 1.6, and there is always the incessant whining coming from a very select few.

Anyway, @slicedlime, I'm pretty happy with it. Thank you, and the rest of the team, for all of your hard work on this game that I love so much.

Waiting for plugin devs to update plugins, so I can get our server upgraded to 1.19. I've got players that are rabid for frogs and chest boats, and the deep dark.

I am only mildly ashamed to admit that today was not a terribly productive day, due to my complete inability to focus on a goddamn thing.

Tonight I'll kill many zombies, go to bed early, and try again tomorrow.

I just migrated over from another instance, so I guess a new toot is in order.

I'm a network admin at a public library, a US Army veteran, an occasional photographer, a Linux user, and I play an unhealthy amount of Minecraft.

My partner and I enjoy TTRPGs, PS4 gaming (shopping for a second one, because grown-ups), and in the warmer months we spend a lot of time hiking and camping.

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