In other news, if you ever want to get choked by a sysadmin, go into their office and just fucking take a laptop without requesting it through the asset management system, and without telling them.

I will go fucking Homer Simpson on your ass.

Emotional Oversharing, Stress 

I'm not sure what flipped the switch in my head, but I'm completely incapable of handling stress this week. My brain just shuts down, I can't make a decision, and all I want to do is run away.

A year of being short-staffed, buried under a mountain of work, and inheriting an absolute security nightmare from the previous admin, has finally caught up with me. I finally have some help hired, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel... but my nerves are fried.

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@thomasfuchs Oh man. @slicedlime went offline for a few days, for the same reason. He's been suffering crazy amounts of abuse because people are running off half-cocked, with misinformation about the newest Minecraft update, and making all kinds of personal attacks.

It's crazy how angry, and abusive people are over games.

@doot The hoghut, not the banning from Tiktok. That is some bullshit, right there.

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There are developers who think git=github and it causes me epheremal pain in my souls crystal cortex


@AliceIsOverThere This is what got us here in the first place. The dems are too afraid to do anything about anything.

@AuroraRainbow The amount of headless chickenry taking place over this is mind blowing.

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lo-fi grime grooves to wench and erase to — Lofi glug glug mix – beats to drive/study to (46:59)

I'm having a really hard time today. I can't even come up with words to describe how I feel.

US Economy 

The pattern, so far, has been all too familiar. Last time, we lost everything. My job, our house, our retirement, our savings, and it was an all too common story. It took just over a decade for us to recover.

This could be way worse.

Job cuts are rolling in. Here's who is feeling the most pain so far

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LIVE NOW: Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words with a sequence of musical tones.

#music #songwriter #piano #acoustic #owncast

Hey you, yeah you! 

@Graycot My day was quite hectic, but I'm home now. How was your day?

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I have never experienced ASMR, and so never understood exactly what it was, until just today.

Apparently I just needed the right visual stimulation, in this case, watching this massage on Twitch did it for me.

It's definitely a weird, but pleasant sensation.

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Here's my new #kofi if you want to check it out! I still have to fill out some things for #commissions , but I still offer them outside of that!

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It looks like I have tomorrow off.
I see lots of Minecraft streaming happening, tomorrow.

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Hey kids! Start chanting "Hail Satan!" at football games. People are going to love it.

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