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When I sent out that email, specifying that any trouble tickets regarding the document station should be submitted in the form of a haiku, I failed to consider the fact that I work in a library.

My inbox is now full of haikus.

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My SO works pretty high up in county government. She's very professional, sweet, and puts on this air of innocence that I never see at home.

Then I get these texts from her throughout the day, generously sprinkled with the word "fuck" in all caps, and using interesting phrases like "burning cock-wagon" and "cunt cake".

It's like we were made for each other.

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FYI for newbies 

Twitter has algorithms to get you engaged. Mastodon does not. So in order to enjoy Mastodon you have to take some time to reach out and find content and follow folks that you enjoy. Don't expect Mastodon to send you random popular posts to keep you engaged, you have to curate your own feed. But this is good! It gives you control.


So it appears that someone got their hands on a check I wrote recently, and made about $2000 in ACH transactions out of our account.

I'm going back and forth with the guy at the credit union, who is handling this for me.

Being essentially a 12-year-old in a 46-year-old's body, I'm having a really difficult time not laughing hysterically every time he emails me, because his last name is, and I shit you not, his last name is "Wank".

I have so many fucking jokes.

I really want to follow PBS and BBC world news here, but I just don't have the bandwidth for bad news right now. That's all the main stream news is these days, fucking anxiety inducing, bad news.

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Take action (one small step) on something you’ve been avoiding that will make your life better in the long run.

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selfie, no ec, boost if you're a meave enjoyer 

ready to go out in the summer weather :3

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I got to d&d late and found my party members and the GM in a heated debate over whether a toilet could be a divination focus for scrying.

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lo-fi jazz grooves to buoy and emcee to — Lofi Jazz Music To Relax, Study, Work To (Lofi Jazz Mix) (3:28:08)

Was just downstairs rotating laundry, and trying to figure out why our laundry room smells like farts. Then I remembered, our teenager lives down there.

Mystery solved.

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