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They’re selling bulletproof backpacks because conservatives think they can turn their 12 year old into Captain America

Shared privately, and to a limited audience before, but here's my first dress that I bought this week. Very hesitant to post this but I guess ripping the bandaid is the best therapy... Excuse holiday facial fuzz - was just as I was going to bed and I didn't shave in the morning

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Need someone to ghostwrite my tweets today, please share your best tweet ideas for me to steal

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Ever wondered what Microsoft shares with MVPs at MVP Summit under NDA?

49 of the on-demand sessions at were presented at MVP Summit. You can get the same content MVPs do at Build. This is the first time Microsoft has tried this.


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WSL 2 distros are now supported on Windows Server! This is currently available by installing a KB for seekers, and will be pushed as part of a regular update soon.


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Comedians fear trans people because if you gave the average Twitter trans girl a notepad, an energy drink, and a few minutes to look back through her last 3000 tweets she could write a game-changing comedy special and they’d be out of a job

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being trans isn't fashionable.

10 years ago most ppl didn't really give a shit about us. 15 or so years ago a trans woman won big brother. nobody cared.

what's fashionable is transphobia. ricky g isn't making fun of a fashionable trend. he's partaking in the trend.

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Getting really scary now. Right Wingers falsely claiming the Texas shooter was trans. Photoshopping their face onto T person. Constant demonisation.This can’t go on. Going to spill over into violence against T. And all those who’ve stoked it will say “nothing to do with me.”

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i am once again deeply embarrassed to ask if there is anyone out there who could possibly help out a bit so that we can make it to payday on Friday? it has been an incredibly tough week thus far 🥺✨

Ven: skylarchase
C/A: $skymoding

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To the millions of women who are learning to code, and forging a career for themselves in tech:

You belong here.

We're excited to have you here. 👏

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This Friday at 13:00 UTC will be the next episode of the Ubuntu desktop team Indaba, where the topic is the Firefox snap. We will address current issues and what we are doing to solve them, with live Q&A!

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Hot off the press! Are you a Linux person that wants to improve the gaming experience? Fun things are on the horizon at @Canonical so apply and come join the orange side :D

Looks like I’ve acquired my first chaser! Does this mean I’ve made it?

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